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  1. DarkR
    im lovin the avp countdown timer just above the article hehe

    to answer the guy above far as i know its online coop and single player. not sure if you can split screen it or lan. i dont see why not though.
  2. SableUk
    lol, loved the "i'm reading movement part"; really adds to the Aliens feel. I think the low quality of the video is what makes the graphics seem slightly dated, stick it on a modern PC and i reckon it will match COD MOD 2. BTW, is survivor mode strictly LAN connection or can you play over the internet? Cheers fellows :D
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    Man... the hair stands up on the back of my neck! Tears of joy. Looks so AWESOME!

    @cabbageheat: There are several uncut direct feed videos showing off footage from the campaign and multi-player modes on the web (hopefully they haven't been removed), but yeah, I understand your concern (it's still in the back of my mind). All we can do is hope for the best. You gotta admit it's looking pretty damn badass, though. lol
  4. Blades
    Im inlove with this game january cant come soon enough!.  Although i have my doubts about being able to melee the aliens.  That takes away the hole deadly aspect away from it.  Non the less, i love the game
  5. cabbageheat
    Once again, it is a cool video.  But with 2 weeks to go, my hopes are now skeptical.  We need more videos, with longer, uncut MTV style editing, so we can get a feel for how this is going to play.  also....where the hell is the demo?  and many of the game media outlets haven't had significant time with this game.  That all points to a possibly, I say "possibly" lousy game.  I'm praying its not so, but its time to show us more.
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