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  1. plagiarize
    Visually I've seen a few people complain and I'm sort of confused by the complaints. Lighting and animation both look fantastic, and the environments look right out of the films. All the different modes look to be shaping up nicely too... should be something for everyone. Survivor looks like it's going to play most like the original AvP with it's relentless waves of enemies... but there's a lot of content in this. Hopefully the balance is right!
  2. hutzdani
    Gah it looks so cel shaded in places, and the predator controls and movement looks super clunky.

    Will be playing Alien first off learn the hardest player then the rest will be easy.

    Think they should remove that transition thingy just let us crawl anywhere dont need to press another button to go to the floor / ceiling we can do that just by jumping from the surface were allready on !
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