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  1. ch1mmych0nga
    i love all the movies surrounding these species except for AvP2, i just pre-ordered a survivor edition and am counting down the days till i get it, sucks i cant play online but oh well
    looks really awesome
  2. lumaos
    Im siked I pre-ordered the 360 version fully paid off just need to pick it up and i pre-ordered the ps3 version hunter edition.....19 days is all thats left cant wait.
  3. Alien Mastermind
    Only a few more weeks... Just a few... I pre-ordered my Hunter Edition as well, and I don't work at GameStop, so it cost me $100 without tax.   :(  
  4. The Son of Paragus
    The jumping thing by the predator seems a bit TOO easy for me. Like a element of a kidsgame... for the rest, it looks freaking awesome!

    I just ordered my HUNTER Edition for only 64,99 O.o @ the store where i work! Awesome! (around $85,- i believe)
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