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New AvP Survivor & Heritage Trailers

IGN has just released a new video for Aliens vs. Predator. This video is about one minute long and displays the game mode Survivor. IGN has also written a short preview about the mentioned game mode.

 New AvP Survivor & Heritage Trailers

Update: In addition to the first trailer, Gamespot has posted another new video. This time the dev team talks about the changes and differences between the original game (1999) and the new release.

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  1. LameExcuse4CoOp
    I'm sorry but I have to Rant about this as not being enough for Co-Op, but then again I believe Rebellion obviously don't care nor have the experience to make a Co-Op dedicated AvP game.

    Seriously, is this the best they could do for Co-Op???!!! Haven't they learned anything yet from the first PC AvP game? This is practically that same Skirmish BS endless wave after wave of Aliens only.

    Why not allow players to team up and fight an Alien Queen (or Queens)???

    Or how bout teaming up against a bunch of computer controlled Predators?? Pred co-op would probably turn out boring, but why only Marines get to co-op against AI controlled enemies? Why not allow players to use Aliens and Co-Op against some really tough AI Marine Squads??

    Have they even bothered to think about that for a second??

    So now what? You can only team up as 4 Marines only??

    Then that's not much of a difference compared to Aliens Colonial Marines, with the main exception that game is designed specifically for Co-Op, more so "Objective-based/Campaign+Plot based Co-Op"

    Well then forget this then, I'd wait for Aliens Colonial Marines instead. Everyone else that disagrees, then enjoy mindlessly killing each other like any other Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 FPS clone.... since the MP modes concepts here are more or less the same, with some minor specific tweaks, but you get the picture.
  2. heady89
    Kinda sad that it's two maps only and two extra for collectors edition, money whoring yet again.. yes i am getting Collectors edition but what about the many that don't.

    Seriously such a bad way to split the community..
  3. NONYA
    "Very small map" why they gotta make it VERY small map thats just bull and the smartgun sounds weird. thats not how i remember the sound. i like the old sound better
  4. Alien Mastermind
    Omg, I am gonna have so much fun mowing down the Aliens with my friends. We are all getting the Hunter Edition and the day it comes out we are gonna have a LAN party.   :)  
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