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AvPG Reports on Orlando MLG Event

Sega recently took the latest multiplayer build of AvP to the Major League Gaming event in Orlando. Amongst all those gamers was AvP Galaxy staffer Eidotemit. We ordered him to write up an article regarding the event and it’s now up and ready for your consumption:

“Just wanting to dip my toe in and get a feel for the water before I dive in, I chose to start off as the Marine. With my trusty pulse rifle I set out on the hunt in a free-for-all death match. It wasn’t long before beep… beep… beep; my motion tracker was going off, and I was closing in on the target (or, perhaps, he was closing in on me). Suddenly I was dropped upon by a cloaked predator, who promptly knocked me around, it was all over for me as he moved in for the kill.”

Eidotemit was lucky to get his hands on all 3 species and use a large quantity of the different weapons available in the final product. Be sure to check out our Orlando MLG report. Once again, thanks to Eidotemit for taking the time to go represent AvPGalaxy at the event and writing up his impressions.

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