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Predators Ending Spoilers!

On Hungarian site, they have a report about the upcoming Predators movie with a picture of the director Nimrod Antal on the set, and most importantly they basically give away the ending. You can find a rough translation of the article on IMDB.

20100115_02 Predators Ending Spoilers!

Spoilers on the next page. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

In the final scene of the movie, Royce is the only survivor and has to face the Predators in the burning jungle. The article hints that he may sacrifice himself. This again implies the story in the leaked Predator script is different to the shooting script.

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  1. theyde
    OH, DEAR ODIN AND BLACK WARRIOR! I do truly hope that the script which leaked is changed for good and the final result has the least to do with it! Otherwise (sry - I don't want to sound like a bad prophet) the movie won't be the thing we've all been expecting (instead be the complete failure of all time).... But yet, even with this info, I still don't want to raise my hopes higher >.<   :-[  
    I agree i hope they have changed the ending, its so importent to get the ending right.If the films good and it sounds like it might well be, then lets come out the cinema very happy please please please.
  3. sdaly
    As for the ending... I love the idea of an Arnold cameo, but*not* the one that's written as the "alt ending" in the script.  That's simply too bizarre and campy. Either way, it sure sounds like the ending is gonna be a bit up in the air, with Royce "surviving"...but still being stranded on another planet...?
  4. sdaly
    One inconsistency that I've noticed is that in some of the interviews from 2009 there was an emphasis on how they were going back to the "original Stan Winston design" for the Predator(s), and really talking that up.  But then the script has all this stuff about the "Super Black Predators" ('think Predator on steroids', etc).  So, I wonder which it will end up being...?
  5. n00b s41b0t 133
    this sounds promising still. but like most alien/predator fans, im afraid to get my hopes up. if they can transfer all the cool shit i read in the script to the big screen in an interesting way, then im sure the movie will be fine. my biggest worry is that the super preds will be too different from what were used to. and that the movie will be overwhelmed by cg.
  6. sdaly
    Au contraire - the script describes Royce lighting the jungle on fire, so as to deprive the Predator of his infrared vision.  And I agree that it sounds like this guy misinterpreted what he was seeing.  If Royce is to make a "sacrifice", surely there must be somebody left for him to sacrifice
  7. Mystic Ninja
    The ending has not changed!   Its obvious that the writer just misinterpreted what he saw. Royce is not the only survivor, he comes back to rescue Edwin and Isabelle. Who, unknown to him, are having their own personal battle in the Predator pit. The writer just saw the shooting of the Royce Vs Pred battle and missed the Edwin Vs Isabelle battle which probably was filmed earlier.
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