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  1. "I'm the Boss of this City"
    well it definately looks like the best of the 3. The Predator's laugh at the end sent shivers down my spine... creepy ... It's gonna be f**king A, no dought.
  2. michael
    SHEEHEHEHEHEEEESH they keep these moves up and ill never be allowed to play this!!! ohhhh sweet, i love how the marine gun butts the alien. PS. yeah i hope the marines can do kill moves, i mean cmon, make em cool. their not THAT pathetic.
  3. Fleshtrap666
    OMFG....complete and total ownge of an epic scale...and that's not even all of the kill moves!! I especially like the Predator laugh and the Marine knocking the Alien off of him.....did everyone see that alien send that dudes skull flying?!?!    >:D  
  4. anto
    i sware this game impresses me everytime i look at it i seriously cnt w8 the creators of the game r really teasin me here   :D   that trailer made me want the game even mor   ;D   the kills were awesome wen cn we expect this demo then maybe it will please me till the game is out n Feb    ;)   lol
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