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  1. [MM] Stinky [UK]
    On screenshot #5 - Look how long the tail is on the Alien,, i serisouly hope that is "work in progress" because Aliens do not have tials THAT long..
  2. Alien Mastermind
    Image 6 is the Queen, in all her fiery glory. Image 61 is the Predalien, the hulking brute showing off his "tongue" while his mandibles are splayed wide open.
  3. Proj2501
    I was wondering if there would be more than one Predator in the game. My thought process was leaning toward there being one and as a Marine or Alien you'd have close calls with him, etc. (Think RE's Nemesis)  Well, happy that's not the case. NOW, bring on the Predator vs Predator neon green blood bath!
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