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AvP Trophy / Achievements List [Updated]

Update 21/01/10: The X360 Achievements have been revealed along with the icons.
The full list of trophies for AvP for the PS3 version has been revealed on TheSixthAxis. There are 35 Bronze trophies, 13 Silvers, 1 Gold and 1 Platinum, with a grand total of 50 trophies. As we heard in our interview, a lot of the trophies are memorable quotes from the movies. Check out what you have to do to get them. Some of them give clues to the gameplay and story. Thanks to ikarop for the news.

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  1. avp master
    has any1 noticed that 1 of the videos had a queen alien init an the quess killed the marine with no problem i hope that there will be different alien catgories and predator weapons to upgrade and choose to use for the level and for the marines i hope that they can tell their squad to do things and take postitoins.:)
  2. Mike
    @Jako, yes Trophys are always the same as Achivements... always.

    i dont really care about achivements or trophys when i play games but these have fun connections to AvP so i might try to get them all!   ;)  
  3. Aliens
    What does it mean by the Aliens Vs.Predator Silver trophy (Says Create your Species) Is this when you earn XP and can mix body parts of Marine, Predator, Alien if making a f**kin badass Alien
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