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Sega’s AvP Marketing Strategy

There’s another Aliens vs Predator preview on MCV which details Sega’s marketing strategy for AvP. Presumably, this information applies to the UK but I’m guessing Sega will do something similar in the US too.

Aliens vs Predator will be inescapable as Sega launches a full assault on retail to entice fans and newcomers in the run-up to the game’s release.

  • There will be a three-week TV campaign with ads appearing across a range of terrestrial and satellite channels, including a dedicated promotional weekend supported by Aliens vs Predator.
  • A two-month cinema campaign will see 30-second ads shown before leading blockbuster movies.
  • –Online ads will target specialist and lifestyle websites, with high impact site takeovers and launch zones arranged for key destinations. This will take a dual-phase approach, first promoting the demo and then the game’s release.
  • A broad print campaign will see both ads and editorial appear in a range of specialist and lifestyle publications. This has been supported by an intensive 12-month PR campaign, which has secured eight front covers for the game.
  • Aliens Vs Predator was showcased at the Eurogamer Expo based around a multiplayer event exclusive to the UK, while both single and multiplayer modes were available to play at the SFX Weekender.

Sounds like they’ll really be giving AvP maximum exposure in time for its release. Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

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Comments: 10
  1. shinigami
    OMG! A Demo? YESSS! I was waiting for it. To test weather my PC will be able to run the game since we are talking about DX11 and my PC has only DX9 and it isn't as fast and powerfull as the present day PCs.    :)  
  2. 12smil
    I hope you get the masks of the Predators from Predator 2 and AVPR in the singel campaign. I heard from a freind of mine that one of the masks was going to have two long metal spikes under its chin that would be awsome.    ;D  
  3. anto
    the demo of avp will we b given a release date soon and will there b anything else with the dwnload of the demo lyk avatars or anything etc    ;D  
  4. Baasje92
    sounds like some overload in campaign in the last weeks :P... And if i get it right.. They will release the demo atleast BEFORE the actual release, since allot of people were saying it would be after the release?   :D  
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