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Rebellion Promises AvP Sequel

There’s an interesting interview with Rebellion over on CVG (Part 1 & Part 2). They mention that they would definitely like to re-visit the AvP series reveal they are working on DLC for the game. Here’s the main bits:

Is AvP something you’d consider delving back into in the future?
Very much so – both in terms of DLC and a further sequel. We’ve got a lot of ideas that even with the budget and time we had, we’d still like to do more of or revisit.

Much of that will come down to Fox or Sega, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a massive success, which is fantastic – pre-orders are very high, as is excitement online. We’ve got our Australian release, which is interesting [laughs], but so far everything is looking good for the first half of this year.

Are you working on DLC already?
Yeah, absolutely. We’re in the phase where we enter submissions. The teams are having a break and coming up with ideas – and we’ve had a lot of thoughts of what we’d like to do for DLC. We’re discussing things with Sega at the moment. The amount of DLC will depend on Sega’s commercial requirement, but we’d definitely love to do a lot.

And in terms of another AvP game?
Definitely. We’ve learnt a lot doing this game and we can really build on this and go further than what we’ve done so far. You always have to draw the line at some stage and polish what you have, get the frame rate up and get the gameplay working brilliantly. But there are a lot of ideas we came up with that we just couldn’t fit in. There are a lot of unanswered questions in the Aliens and Predator canon we’d love to play with.

Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

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Comments: 17
  1. Azanode
    The possibility of a sequel never crossed my mind for some reason, I've always had my eyes on A:CM as far as post-AvP goes. I'm starting to feel kind of spoiled...
  2. Fleshtrap666
    Aliens have been tiny since Alien 3, when in reality they are supposed to be just as tall as a Predator...I personally hate how in all the films Aliens in all of the films are supposed to take on characteristics of the race they spawn from...and in every film after Aliens they moved on all fours.....the only reason the Alien from Alien 3 moved on all fours was that it was spawned from a dog/Ox."depending on what version you consider the real one" Humans move are bipeds and hence while Aliens would move on all fours when sprinting, the mostly moved on two legs like the humans they burst out of.
  3. dutch
    Maybe for the sequel they could go as far as making the xenos and predators actually look like what they look like in the first two films(Alien, Aliens - Predator, Predator 2).  The whole midget ADI creature design was a really, really bad idea. But hopefully the gameplay at least will rock.
  4. RakaiThwei
    Joe117,  If Rodriguez's Super Predators are going to be in the sequel, I would prefer them to be bad blood antagonist, or just a skin to play on Multiplayer and have no real bearing on the future story.  I'd prefer to play as a normal Predator protagonist.
  5. piet11111
    i would like DLC in the form of mini-campaigns (per species 1 DLC campaign with 3-4 levels this would allow for 3 DLC packs already) for SP and those maps slightly altered to be used as MP maps.  guns and skins are nice but i would not want them if thats all there is in the DLC unless if they are 1$ or something.
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