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IGN Previews Second Chapters

IGN have published a new preview today which covers the second chapter in the Alien, Predator and Marine campaigns. The missions take place in a refinery.

Today we’re here to see the second chapter of each of the three species in Aliens vs. Predator (for the skinny on the first chapters see our hands-on from last month), which takes the action to the refinery, a tower of steel and industry that looks like it’s been ripped from the surface of Alien 3’s Fiorina 161. For the Predator, the rooftops and surrounding cliff precipices form his playground and it’s here more than ever that those Splinter Cell comparisons come to the fore. In classic stealth style the level is made up from a string of encounters, with each batch of patrolling Marines presenting a new and unique puzzle…

Look out for another preview they’ll be doing next week. Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

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  1. alpha defekt
    Hearing the motion tracker blips huh? With the right headset this could make all the difference between eating pulse rifle fire, or eating a marines head. My bets on his juicy face meat.   I hope the Avatar things rock. I want a facehugger chillin next to my guy. Maybe a Alien skin to boot!
  2. mick
    wen will we c this demo i heard there ws going 2 b 1 of avp i ws hoping it wudve been on the ps3 store 2day but wsnt     :'(   hv 2 say the game luks amzin graphics r stunning n gameplay luks amzin as well hopefully c the demo on ps3 nxt thursday then    ;D   and i was wondering the game is staying true 2 each character so well will there b anything u wished u cudve put in the game wich u cudnt like the predator being able 2 skin people and hang them frum trees r just even hanging 2 show off ur kill   ;D  
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