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Louis Changchien Talks Predators

Actor Louis Ozawa Changchien, who plays the character of Hanzo, recently spoke to Gigazine about his role and his filming experience:

“The studio’s located at the former site of an airport, and it is also where Sin City was shot. They propped up 40 or so stowages and filled the place with real rocks and stones and trees to build a jungle set full of real plants, the most elaborate set I’ve seen in my career. Of course it must be expensive, but it really did look like a Hawaiian jungle. That was the “Hunting Camp” where most of the story takes place.”

While not too explicit it is the most we’ve heard about the film. It seems that the script has definitely been changed since the leak. He speaks of a Hunting Camp where a lot of the story takes place. He also speaks briefly about Laurence’s casting. Check it out! Thanks to pinkman for the link.

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  1. n00b s41b0t 133
    well i see what youre saying. but it explains fairly well in the script what kinda preds these ones are. they evolve their tech over the years. and they use their hunting games as data to do so. picking the best of the best to hunt, and learn from. i think this is a good change from what weve come to expect from a pred movie. it would be boring and pointless to rehash stuff weve already seen. {cough} avpr {cough}
    if you seen pred 1 anytime ghosts bane whelling ol painless. no porblem.iam conpairing practical to just wanting to blast something to get 3sec attenion span 2 watch the flick. i need to correct myself the superpreds could be elders. just get rid of black ones i mean its not canon.but then again.they could be badbloods who just like to kill for fun rather then sport. plasma is not for they could set it to just blow you apart and and dealing with mutiple surfaces and denceitys and range of  pray need something like that. its like grain of gunpower in bullets and calibors for stoping power and range.and the bullet head.for exsample i use 120grain 7mm  for my 720 remitin federal preium ammo. this gives me stoping power up to 500yards and the bullet fragments instead of mushrooming.
  3. n00b s41b0t 133
    @pyroacid... i donno if youve read the script, because youre comparing a hunter using a mini gun on a deer, to a hunter using a mini gun on a badass russian wielding a mini gun of his own. clearly a big difference. also, you wanna talk about overkill, what the hell would you call the predators plasma caster? maybe you should go over the script once more. the hunting factor is there.
    this 1st darft seems like what they did with jason x. why fix shit thats not broken. i hope they remove the super predators. there weapons seem more along the lines of war rather then hunting.u don't use a mini gun on a deer.there whould be nothing left to eat or take home as a trophy. they need to get pepole who understand hunting to make this flick not some buttraider from the city who only cares about simple stuff for  the simple minded. i hunt deer,elk,lion,bears,wolfs shit let m be the director. lol
  5. n00b s41b0t 133
    i read the leaked script, and what was said in this interview seems to be on par with it. (unless you guys are talking about the mid '90 rodriguez one. which was shit). nothing seems to have changed. and i dig it. the script was good (other than the alternate ending). im confident that this movie will be as good as pred 1 n 2.. if not, then atleast better than avp n avpR. and he didnt spoil much. nothing that you wouldnt read in the description of the film. btw, how can so many of you lose hope for this film before even seeing an official screenshot, or even a teaser trailer? i understand the avp films were huge disappointments. i was right there with ya. but they seem to be taking this film seriously. and im sure lawrence has better judgement than to just hop on some crap production.
  6. RakaiThwei
    Doesn't really tell us anything new.  Aside from some minor things like Nolan being stranged for ten years, and Hanzo finding a katana in the camp, this really doesn't tell us anything new.
  7. Starkiller
    Reading the interview it seems like the cast dont know a whole lot about what there doing just going with the flow and taking direction as each days arrives. I dont really have high hopes for this movie but we will have to wait and see.   I think we need a few official production stills just to get a look and feel of the movie.
  8. alien90
    The ONLY thing that seems interesting now about the movie is Larry... other than that it doesnt sound impressing to me thanks to the huge spoilers...
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