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Louis Changchien Talks Predators

Actor Louis Ozawa Changchien, who plays the character of Hanzo, recently spoke to Gigazine about his role and his filming experience:

“The studio’s located at the former site of an airport, and it is also where Sin City was shot. They propped up 40 or so stowages and filled the place with real rocks and stones and trees to build a jungle set full of real plants, the most elaborate set I’ve seen in my career. Of course it must be expensive, but it really did look like a Hawaiian jungle. That was the “Hunting Camp” where most of the story takes place.”

While not too explicit it is the most we’ve heard about the film. It seems that the script has definitely been changed since the leak. He speaks of a Hunting Camp where a lot of the story takes place. He also speaks briefly about Laurence’s casting. Check it out! Thanks to pinkman for the link.

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