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AvP at the Orlando MLG Event

Aliens vs. Predator was showcased at the MLG Event in Orlando at the weekend where players could play multiplayer. Staff member Eidotemit was down there and has uploaded three videos of the event. His report from the event will be online soon. Check out the video below. It shows off a new level we’ve not seen before.

Here’s the videos that have been uploaded to YouTube so far: AvPGalaxy Video 1 – Marine, AvPGalaxy Video 2 – Alien, AvPGalaxy Video 3 – Alien, Predator Gameplay Part 1, Predator Gameplay Part 2, 1v1 Predator Gameplay, Better Predator Gameplay, Game Lobby, Alien Gameplay, Alien Gameplay.

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  1. konradski
    thegreekgods  dont have eyes dude so they smell and hear you lipsrsealed  P.S. this is to konradski   dont talk bollox in none of the cannon does it go for xray vision be it vision, smell or molecular taste sense that the buggers can wallhack//by the way predator can wall hack using heat vision like firfighters do or the original alien wouldnt have gone in the vents it would have followed underneath and ripped the vent down not to mention half the aliens missed their targets in the hive battle and a final no they cant see thru objects riply in her space finale airlock situation the fugging thing didnt see her until it was blasted out of the airlock  conclusion. they cant see thru solid shit. possible they can smell u like a dog but no  wallhack ability ps their hearing is on par with ours see aliens for deaf hive inhabbitants    >:D     :o     :P  
  2. Fleshtrap666
    I thought it looked like everyone died the same way as well but i think it's just the way the ragdolls of the alien vids show an alien on alien battle ending with some nice ragdolls as the body slide and tumbled down a wall.
  3. Avp\J.T.
    Ya the alien's animation is a bit off, they should of kept that shiney black that was in the other gameplays, and its wired that an alien can block attacks from a predator's blade, I hope it still shows the hole when u head bite.
  4. AwBrasil
    I think its only the predalien who can block atacks with his arm,no one figured his jaws in some times?  i Think the animations need more work and i dont like the way of you die and you fall the same way as you fall always.I hope they will work more in the animations and some details,but this is so f**kin baddas so far
  5. Vinnie Black
    @ Pelax: man you are the only one that said the exact same thing I was saying to myself when I looked at the vids. There is no momentum, only run forward and kill or get killed.... No upgrades or that shyte..... Or can the Alien get 2 tails after killing 1000 men or so hahaha  mmmmmmzzzzzz it's fun for 30 min and then it stops for me... You have to got someting here that brings you back to kill more and more....some classing up, unlockables etc..... What do you think guys??   p.s my typing is bad, I know, slept only zero hours:S  Cheers and rock on Vinnie   8)  
  6. Spoon
    LOL Alien can block like a human!  And Its blocking the predators gauntlets..... wtf is that.  Thats so retarded.  Aliens dont block and they cant block blades.
  7. Spychi
    this is why in AvP2 nobody liked deathmatch Evac, surv or TDM I miss AvP2 ;( there is one thing that I really dislike in the game, Predator vision modes should be like in AvP2 nonetheless I will pre-order the hunter's edition as soon as possible because it's going to be awesome
  8. Fleshtrap666
    I would imagine that deathmatch maps would be pretty small, if there are in fact different maps in each gameplay mode....  I've always thought of death match as a f**kin pit fight anyway just throw a bunch of violent bastards into a hole and watch em dance...Kinda what it is really....  I always perfered team death match but death match is a great place to get your skills up because all you need to know is you see something you kill friendly's running it's a constant battle, hard to get kill streaks.  But did you watch the Better predator gameplay he got 9 kills before he in the pavelow lol
  9. Pelax
    It'll sound like a blasphemy but I'm dissapointed.  The multi goes like this: you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die, you kill, you die... so what's the point?  The maps are too small, they're chaotic.. it's like Killzone2. There's absolutely no hunting feel.. just ramdomness - I've seen no strategy here at all. Hope the other gamemodes will be better 'cause for me deathmatch isn't fun.. and as for marine surely isn't fun at all;-)  PS. for a marine it goes like this: you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you die.
  10. Fleshtrap666
    That's  i think is the deal though I personally love how you can block...cause i seriously don't preds and aliens can block bullets....that will be a strength for the marines no doubt......while preds and aliens slug it out....raped by gun fire..
  11. Brian A. Vega
    So um I really pissed right now I did not see but only one vid for the marines and it REALLY SUCKED...i mean what the hell...I guess that just means there are alot of Alien & PRED. fan boys out there...more then just us marines...I guess we are out numbered again guys...oh well just more stuff to shoot lol...get some...SMARTGUNNERS UNITE...
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