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First Aliens Crucible Footage

What appears to be the first gameplay footage from the Aliens: Crucible RPG game has leaked onto YouTube. Now, the game was officially cancelled last year so this footage is supposedly from an early build of the game dated 2007. The footage lasts for almost two minutes and shows the player wondering through a corridor and him and two other Marines are being attacked by aliens.

EDIT: Additionally more in-game screenshots of an early build of Crucible have been posted up on the Obsidian forums. They’re pretty cool. Thanks to funcroc for the link.

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  1. FujiKala
    @ Sick - Have you played Predator : Concrete Jungle? That game kicked butt. It was on PS2 Platform and not an RPG, but it still was one of my favourites. The end levels have a nice suprise too.
  2. what
    Are you guys kidding me? From what I observed, it needed A LOT of work (I know this was probably shot very early in development, but still). Admittedly, with another 3 years of work this could be a masterpiece, that video did not make me long for an Aliens RPG.   I want to see a Predator game. Now that would be f0ckin sick.
  3. Brian A. Vega
    As long as it has smartguns in it I am down with it so ya I WOULD LOVE FOR THIS GAME TO COME OUT!!...sorry but it looked bad ass...well any ways 38 more days boys & girls...SMARTGUNNERS UNITE...
  4. Alien90
    I agree with Sh0dan... I Love AVP and everything but im kinda getting tired of it.. We need more Alien AND predator games not ALien VS pred. thats all that came out in the past few years.. Im ready for something similar to Alien Trilogy again...
  5. Sh0dan
    We aren’t getting two Alien games, we are getting one Alien game and one AvP game. :)  Its very early in development and graphically / sound wise it looks extremely raw with tons of placeholder assets, but the game had the right atmosphere alright. I would have loved to have seen that game finished rather than Sega sinking more money into another AvP product. Nothing against Rebs, I hope they do well, they're brits like me afterall and we don’t have too many decent games developers around in the UK anymore. But…well, I just prefer my Aliens without Predators and my Predators without Aliens.
  6. stealth bunny
    We're lucky to be getting two alien games but it is such a shame this isn't coming out, looks like things could have gone in a different direction this game,( not that I'm knocking FPS shooters at all ), I hope maybe this game will see resurrection (no pun intended) in the future.
  7. AngelsDontBurn
    I couldn't agree more with MrFacehug.  I thought an Alien RPG would be awesome.  But I'm sure AVP3 will totally make up for it.  Then I'm sure once that's out and does well / great, that ACM will be RIGHT around the corner. :)
  8. Clovers
    RPG? This Aliens game, have more Dead Space game´s play to me, if ask me. In the end Aliens: Crucible, have te same fate Resident Evil 1.5, that is cancelled.
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