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AvPGalaxy Interviews Rebellion

By now I expect most of you have read our in-depth preview of Aliens vs Predator. As promised I’m now happy to point you towards our interview with the men behind the game:

“The guy who actually wrote the Marines Technical Manual originally worked at Rebellion. He’d left before I started. We certainly take inspiration from there and that’s filtered into the general wider expanded universe. A little bit has come from the needs of the game and the mechanics that we thought we needed to expand the toolsets of each species. We were keen to retain the iconic weaponry that people love from the movies and the games. The smartgun, flame-thrower, shotgun, the pistol. They’re all well represented in the game.”

The interview is three pages and features over an hours worth of interview I did with the staff while on my studio visit. There’s some cool stuff in there. So check it out!. Once again, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Sega and Rebellion for inviting us down and for giving us the chance to convey all of this to the community. Enjoy guys.

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