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By now I expect most of you have read our in-depth preview of Aliens vs Predator. As promised I’m now happy to point you towards our interview with the men behind the game:

“The guy who actually wrote the Marines Technical Manual originally worked at Rebellion. He’d left before I started. We certainly take inspiration from there and that’s filtered into the general wider expanded universe. A little bit has come from the needs of the game and the mechanics that we thought we needed to expand the toolsets of each species. We were keen to retain the iconic weaponry that people love from the movies and the games. The smartgun, flame-thrower, shotgun, the pistol. They’re all well represented in the game.”

The interview is three pages and features over an hours worth of interview I did with the staff while on my studio visit. There’s some cool stuff in there. So check it out!. Once again, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Sega and Rebellion for inviting us down and for giving us the chance to convey all of this to the community. Enjoy guys.

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  1. alpha defekt
    I can't stand looking at the clock, and then back at the preorder box (which we just got the nice green version I'm a week back) at work. Plus knowing I'm the only one who can open that morning hurts even more. I'm going to have to sell that beauty others even before I get my Alien on. :(  Fingers crossed I get it in early. Sometime the boss let's me take a game home early if I promise not to play of till midnight. At least I'll be able to scope out the facehugger/download maps/install to hard drive/do a happy dance before time of play. ;)
  2. anto
    frum ireland well just need da say lukin 4word 2 da game big time huge predator fan n i still hv the orginal fer the pc ausum game just need da no wen there will b a release date for the demo on the ps network    ;D  
    Pre oredered -- xbox 360   10 years for this omg I played the first one when I was 9 years old ... I became fan since then. I dont care if the game suks if it has aliens and predators count me in
  4. EpsilonOrpheon777
    corporal hicks: no one seems to have an answer for this. i remember a while back, quite a ways in fact, that it was mentioned that AVP would possibly have multi platform multiplayer. Any word on this or did it get dropped?
  5. Brian A. Vega
    well...dam...I dont know about you guys but iam still worried about how the smartgun sounded...I hope they fix it...dam...anyways hit me up on X-BOX LIVE my name on there is M56 SMARTGUNNER...I will see you there...SMARTGUNNERS UNITE...   ???      :'(  
  6. stealth bunny
    Hey there Coropral Hicks, there aren't too many people I'm envyous of in this world but your one of them, you sure are a lucky son of a gun getting to play this demo so early, many thanks for the in depth review of your experiance, hope it won't be long before a demo now.
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