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AvPGalaxy Previews AvP!

As you all know I was given the chance to visit Rebellion HQ in early December. Now I can give you all the chance to read my impressions on the game. Needless to say it was so awesome I didn’t want to leave but…

“I’d already run out of ammo twice. I wasn’t being smart, I was panicking. Screw clearing up the infestation, I was getting out of there. Sprinted through the sewers I refused to stop, I’d already made that mistake the first time. I was almost out…almost there and bam! I was down, I turned to see an Alien dragging me away…”

It’s a two part preview, I hope you all enjoy it. We’ll be posting up a three part interview at the weekend too. Check it out! I’ll leave you with these parting words – The wait ’till February is painful now I know what we’ll be getting.

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