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AvPGalaxy Previews AvP!

As you all know I was given the chance to visit Rebellion HQ in early December. Now I can give you all the chance to read my impressions on the game. Needless to say it was so awesome I didn’t want to leave but…

“I’d already run out of ammo twice. I wasn’t being smart, I was panicking. Screw clearing up the infestation, I was getting out of there. Sprinted through the sewers I refused to stop, I’d already made that mistake the first time. I was almost out…almost there and bam! I was down, I turned to see an Alien dragging me away…”

It’s a two part preview, I hope you all enjoy it. We’ll be posting up a three part interview at the weekend too. Check it out! I’ll leave you with these parting words – The wait ’till February is painful now I know what we’ll be getting.

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  1. ironmonger
    I wonder if the aliens are going to be like AVP one where they were too fn dangerous and could kill your marine in one strike out of nowhere? I didn't expect to see another avp game, shows how the movies should have been done to begin with by keeping it scifi. Counting the days to get my hands on this game but I hope mods come out for it like for the thermal vision, I keep telling people that thermal is another spectrum of light, pitch black or lit up lighting and the marines torches should not be showing up in thermal and the heat vision doesn't have green and yellow in there like the films but the preds tree jumping to stalk marines from the trees is something that will make the pred missions feel like what we always wanted, number two touched on this but not that much. Can't wait for this game
  2. mcmg87
    yo i cant wait for this game seriousely so kickass woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!         :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o     :o  
  3. Brian A. Vega
    I got mine smartgun ready for all you aliens out there out and you better keep moving...oh and for that one guy who keeps getting his post taking down thats what they do if you type in CAPS...take it from me lol...anyways...SMARTGUNNERS UNITE...
  4. NikoSuave
    Just got an X Box 360 Elite for this game cant wait for hunter edition!although its going to be a big switch for me from computer gaming to  console
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