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AvP Box Art Revealed

The final box art for the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator game has been revealed. Check it out below or visit this thread for high-res shots of the artwork on PC, X360 and PS3. This is the UK artwork judging by the rating but the US artwork will probably be similar.

20091204 AvP Box Art Revealed

In related news, the game will not be released in Australia. “Apparently, the game’s excessive gore and violence exceeds the requirements for a MA15+ rating. Without an option for an R18+ rating, Aliens vs. Predator becomes the latest title to join the ever-growing list of essentially “banned” games in the territory.” Rebellion have responded by saying they won’t be releasing a censored version of the game either. Thanks to ikarop for the news.

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  1. Meathead320
    BWAAHHH HA HA HA, the same Country that imported Lethaly Poisonous Toads, so poisonous if a kid picks on up and puts their hand in their mouth (or eyes) later they could die or go blind, the same country bans a video game!!! Because AVP is going to cause a societal colapse if released.      ;D     ::)  
  2. Riley
      >:(   f**k i realy want this game, on mw2 there is a mission were you walk through an airport killing thousands of innocent people, and avp is banned that is not right.i have been waiting so long for this game and it got banned GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i hate it. i will find a way to get the game no matter what
  3. Sad Panda
    heres the email address for all u aussies who want to 'voice' your concerns with the decision to ban the game,
  4. FujiMaster
    Go to the Office of Film & Literature site (Google OOFL complaints) and spam them with hate mail. They should get the point eventually.
  5. TommyKing5
    Thanks for posting that mate. At least we can import it. But, do they check the mail? And if you put it into a Australian xbox, would it say something like this:  'This game has been banned in your region'
  6. Hicks_0998
    Ok guys i posted a video of myself on youtube and raving on about said issue with the AvP game and advertised the petition, you can find me under Snake0062 and find the video, cheers guys.
  7. Brian A. Vega
  8. Nethawk1000
    Yeah, you can import it. There aren't laws against that, as far as I know. It's unfortunate that there are people who have to go through this. Gentlemen, signing that petition isn't going to change a thing. Let's be serious here. It's more or less for future considerations. It won't help change the release of this game.
  9. Hicks_0998
    Of course Australia is that bloody strict, we have the X rating for porn but no R rating for games, when they play movies on with gratuituous swearing they cut it out completely.  It's so crap here.
  10. Nethawk1000
    Roddy, wait. You mean to say that it's so strict there that they'd have the audacity to confiscate the game if they were to find you in possession of it? Wow..that's crazy. It's absolute madness over there.
  11. TommyKing5
    If you have read the full report of the 'banning', it states that you can customize your trophy kill, so you could gouge the victims eyes out with your wristblades, then decapitate them. I think this is what they banned it for, I am going to import the game. This is a nuisance.
  12. Hicks_0998
    Well we keep getting censored versions of Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3 and yet Modern Warfare 2 still retained the airport yeah that makes sense (and yes i know you can "skip" it but that makes no sense because its a mission in the game).  I still stand by my Fallout 3 comparison with which you can watch your enemy, in SLO MO, lets make that abundantly clear guys and gals, get splattered all over the lcd screen in all its red glory and yet AvPs trophy kills are "bad". Hmmm    ???  
  13. Chris
    It's a good thing for Switzerland, that the game is being banned in Germany. Because most of the time, the distributors are only shipping the uncensored german versions to us.  I don't like the alien on the artwork.
  14. Azanode
    @Nethawk1000: I think the recent criticisms by a certain clown named Michael Atkinson may have forced the OFLC to be a bit stricter with their assessment of content. I suppose also the idea of 'trophy kills' is that they glorify the kill, hanging on screen for a second to give the player gratification over the brutality of it. It's not an outright banning, the OFLC just feels that the game requires more than a MA15+ rating, and with nothing higher than that here, they can't classify it.  @Loafer: Yes, if you import a PAL version from a UK site or something, it will work fine. This is more or less an irritating inconvenience, it won't stop us from playing the game.
  15. Predator-101
    It makes me want to get rudds head with some predator blades. Oh well ill just have to either bomb the government due to my angriness or buy it off ebay. They would probably stop it at the airport though i think.   >:(  
  16. Roddy
    This is absolutelly bullshit we have way more graphical games here right now why I was playing modern warfare world at war just the other day n u see ppl getting thier throats slit n limbs blown off n yet it's only rated m15+ this has really pissed me off I have been waiting patiently for this game for a year now n to find out they r banning it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I wanna take the preds plasma cannon n take out mr rudd
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