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Nimród Antal Talks Predators

Predators director, Nimród Antal, has spoken about the movie in a chat with He talks about how he got the job to direct Predators, and about the cast. He implies they will be going practical for the Predator costumes as opposed to CGI. The Arnie cameo is still up in the air right now. One thing he does confirm is that the movie is being shot as a R-Rated film.

“So far, it’s been great, and I think that the fans who may have been underwhelmed by the last two AVP films, I think they’re in for a very pleasant surprise,” he told us tentatively when asked how it was going.

Since the movie’s title seemingly will include Robert Rodriguez’s name even though the Austin-based filmmaker isn’t directing, we were curious how involved Rodriguez was in the actual making of the movie. “Robert hired me, so obviously I’m very grateful for him giving me a shot. He is involved in the screenplay and we’ve had a lot of conversations, and any big decisions I want to make, I always speak to him about, but he’s been very gracious and he’s been letting me do my thing. He’s really let me perform and he’s let me dance, so again, I’m grateful to him for that.”

Thanks to JaredK21 for the news.

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  1. JSV
    I sincerely hope this movie doesn't suck, but nobody has been able to capture the sheer AWESOMENESS of the first Predator -- and may never achieve that. The Rogue Predator idea from the comic books would've been the way to go, as someone else suggested first.
  2. arabianhunter
    Hmmm a black super predator well their goes the idea of bringing back the original tone to the predator franchise, since the idea is completely new they might as well they might as well through in some aliens and say that its part of the hunt in the predators jungle but nonetheless after i read the script all i can say is that its going to kick some ass
  3. Hicks_0998
    Now that the internet is an everyday tool, people can rave or rant about leaked scripts or actual scripts all the time, ergo screenwriters can change them to suit what the people like or dislike.  Sometimes that happens but more often than not it doesnt and as a result we end up with a horrible mess of film.  The script is crazy yes, but what irks me the most is that with the majority of filming done, why dont we have a photo or something? AvP had heaps of hype leading up to its release and here we got nothing.
  4. SableUk
    Lol, dont mean to reiterate Hicks's point,but quite simply, let the fans do the scripting or at least have a say far we have been let down by the idiots behind AVP1 and 2, such potential...such a let down :(
  5. Nethawk1000
    Predators has potential if it could execute it's script correctly. As previously stated, Predators success hinges on the story over action element. Hicks, I don't think anyone is really bashing what Predators could be. The fact is, the AVP series ruined what the Alien prequel and Predators could be. Fans have become skeptical and rightly so.
  6. Hicks_0998
    We need to stop bagging the new Predators movie because 1) okay we all know it will suck, 2) it will suck elephant balls because the script is ridiculous, 3) the director will have his version of it but in the end will get shafted with the studio version, 4) after what happened to the AvP franchise, do you really want to sit thru another heap of shit cinema? and finally number 5) were sick to death of reading about it being crap.  I have said it before and will say it again, I have more faith in the Alien prequel than Predators by far, the evidence of a bloody good director is more than enough to convince me.
  7. Nethawk1000
    As we know it, they're doing a new Predator and a new Alien. If they manage to do these two films right, it will bring credibilty back to each respected franchise. Directors like Scott and Cameron seem to get their way in the end which does leave some hope for the Alien prequel. Predators? We'll see.
  8. Nethawk1000
    Aliens VS Predator needs to stop period. It's destroying what was good about the originals. Neither where enjoyable to watch. Both seemed rushed and incomplete. There isn't a story that could house the both of them.
  9. dread7154
    How about a Pred movie that isn't set in present times, how about an AVP that isn't set in present times (although technically P2 and AVP were set in the future)... How about the distant future, like in the alien(s) timeline. AVPR almost had that going for it, but got stuck with another script due to budget issues.
  10. dread7154
    The AVP movies bombed because they added the cheesy back story for the preds, started calling the aliens "serpents", had to balance bad-assery between the preds and aliens but ended up making the preds into value meals for the xenos in the first movie (I'm not going to count the crappy plasma caster kills on the preds behalf), and in avpr the Strause Bros. were screwed by fox, so they couldn't do what they wanted with the script as well as the numerous opportunities the aliens could've killed 'Wolf', the "veteran" hunter...
  11. Nethawk1000
    This movie success hinges on the story, heavily. The script sounds suspect, but if done correctly, maybe it'll be better than we all expect. At the moment, i'm just going off faith as i'm doing with the Alien prequel.
    I totally agree with SHREK about the script to Predators. It is total bullshit. Since fox pretty much f**ked up the franchise by doing the really crappy AVP movies and getting Robert Rodriguez who's script was terrible I repeat terrible. Who wants to see the Predators using humans as slaves? I dont I want a Predator to be back on Earth hunting big game or introduce a rogue predator. I wouldnt see this movie no f**king way. I am a big fan of Predator but I dont see it. I also want to say that I really hate the cast of Predators especially the dork Adrain Brody who I hated in King Kong remake!
  13. Dirtmonkey
    God, you people can't spell! Or you're too damm lazy, either way you all seem like chavs.  Something tells me this movie wil suck. Where the hell are the leaked screen shots, it must have been filmed by now, surely??
  14. JRZNIN
    Thank god they will be using actual costumes for the Predators instead of CGI.  Stan Winston would be happy to hear that.  I think CGI films make me feel like I'm watching a fancy video game.  And thats where CGI should stay, in video games.  Artists who make all the sculptures and effects really have a gift that should be used.
  15. JEVjnd
    I had a lot of faith in the Brothers Strause since they are genuinely fans of the franchise which leads me to side with some of the sentiment here that it's time to get a quality director as opposed to giving all of these relative no-names a shot with some of sci-fi's most beloved franchises.  I've always preferred Predator to Aliens, but I feel that in this case the Alien franchise is going in the right direction with Ridley Scott at the helm.
  16. Wofler
    Hard to judge a movie by it's R-rating alone. Gory scenes are expected in Predator films, but the plot and characters has to be convincing and involving.
  17. daniel clavette
    Nimrod is great director and new predator movies will be amazing and it will reborn  predator solo movies to a new levels that is neven be taken .
  18. wolfpredxx
    il hold my opinion untill the movie comes out. besides some of us have to stop thinking that is going to be better then the original (witch some people think) were theres no way for that to happen,BUT i do hope it will better then the AVP garbage we got feed 2x.besides RR know what he wants in hes films even dough hes producing it but hey  lets see what nimrod bring to us..
  19. Hicks_0998
    Well alot of people still have hope with this project, I for one dont as it died when i read about predator falcons and dogs and oooh a black super predator!! so that shit just threw me right off
  20. Will it bleed?
    Shrek said it all. Man look at the script! After all the waiting for those abominations called AVP and the final result, I'm practically done with the AVP universe. This movies stroke such a chord for generations because they were done by real film makers and cinematographers who were willing to create rather than produce.  I think FOX hasn't learned anithing from AVPs, the fact that Robert Rodriguez is somehow involved shouldn't keep my hopes up. Do you know anyone with the caliber of Ridley or Cameron atched to this project? I hope I'm really wrong. I must confess the only thing that sparks some kind of hope for quality, is the surprising cast of Brody... Untill July 2010
  21. Gort Pred
    well Nimrod is the only hope this film has. I just hope he makes the right changes but he can't do anything about how much lack of pacing the script has
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