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  1. Nethawk1000
    FAQ, I think they where referring to the demo. The game drops February 23rd, which is a Tuesday. The demo drops January 21st, which is a Thursday. Of course, all this is subject to change. Nobody sticks to the schedule these days.
  2. carve
    In the multiplayer they should make it so that you can start off as the hatchling than get a host n become a chest burster and so on...but they should make it a choice for sumn people.. That way it doesn't slow gameplay .. And I hope that the leveled are enormous especially when your inside facilities  and I also hope aliens can break down doors and crawl thru vents and etc.. I hope its very realistic as far as gameplay n mapping.. Really detailed
  3. Mick
    Sega Australia's PR Manager, Vispi Bhopti said, "SEGA Australia can today confirm that the initial submission of Aliens vs Predator has been Refused Classification by the Classification Operations Board of Australia. We will continue to investigate all options available to us, including the possibility of appeal."  God life f**king sucks.
  4. Baasje92
    for real evp demo is coming this month :O!? Omfg i was waiting to get a look of the gameplay myself for months rofl dx Finally waiting is getting paid of... now just have to wait 2 and half more months for official Game .... rofl!
  5. Tyrokiller
    An interview I read said that Praetorians were in the game. Still runner ftw, now that is in there I feel much happier about this game, I miss the old days of survivor mode when the pred-alien would be the tank and soak up the bullets whilst the smaller more nimble aliens would then attack the guys hiding in the cryo-tubs in quarantine. That plus the guys sitting in the vents and the very top. :)
  6. rougepredator
    I preordered this already.Does anybody know what the oficial release date is for this game because first i heard Q1 2010 then i heard feb 2010 then feb 1  and now jan 19 so if you know the exact release date  please tell me
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