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Predators Filming at Lake Gorge

KGNB News has just recently posted up an article saying that Predators has done some filming at Lake Gorge:

“A little bit of Hollywood came to Comal County last week when a film crew from Austin used a portion of the Canyon Lake Gorge to film scenes for a new sci-fi thriller move coming to theatres next summer. Troublemaker Studios, a film company run by director and producer Robert Rodriguez, is currently in production of the next chapter of the Predator films, and after a month of filming in Hawaii, their next stop was Canyon Lake.”

So it isn’t going to be entirely green screen minus the Hawaii scenes as previously thought. Thanks to Pinkman for the news.

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  1. Gort Pred
    @ Darklarik  well if Rob wants us to forget the sequels and think Predator and Predators, then when this film sucks we can forget about this one too =D yay one peace of good news!
  2. Darklarik
    this guy(robert R) actually said that he is going to ignore ALL the sequels and crosses, which is ignoring predator 2, AVP, AVP R quoting " maybe people will forget all the BAD sequels and think that only this one and the original exist". should i even begin explaining why if he does that its going to be a complete FAIL   >:(  
  3. Deco
    In the world of this ridiculous script - if they wanted to include Dutch it would have made sense (in the senselessness of the story) for him to be the Nolan character... I wouldnt be surprised if this is the case and the script was leaked to throw people off.... Its still a terrible script though. Black Super predators with mutated faces? Lets just call the film 'Monsters'. You know what else gets under my skin? The way they are calling it 'Predators' - as a nod to Camerons 'Aliens'....? Dont get me wrong, Predators is not a bad name - but why a nod to Aliens????? Anyone??? Anyone at all??? Rodrigorousbullshit he should be called.... Same thing over and over again.... STOP TRYING TO REPLICATE AND BE INNOVATIVE
  4. Hicks_0998
    Yeah I agree with Deco, what surprises me is while AvPR was shooting we had ourselves a few piccies of the alien and pred so why nothing here? Sounds to me like when AvP first came out and didnt have a test screening because god i cant even utter his name, knew it was a steaming pile of elephant shit.
  5. Deco
    It doesnt really matter where they shoot the film because the script is crap.  There is literally no story OR lead character....  "look at me everyone, im Royce;I have no dialogue in the movie" (said in a Ben Stiller voice)
  6. NikTh
    Why aren't there any production-stills floating about? I remember when they were shooting Lord of the Rings, and as soon as they were filming outdoors pictures popped up everywhere...  I still need some consolation about the pred looks...
  7. Hicks_0998
    @ Spoon: mate are you a teeny bopper? because seriously, you sound like you are and you haven't seen the original Predator or Predator 2.  The original pred movie shits all over AvP 1 and 2.   @Gort: well the internet kinda spreads things around like a cancer so you can either chose not to read things about said movie or go live in a cave, on mars, with your fingers in your ears.
  8. Gort Pred
    This probably is the scene when they meet Nolan, a character that doesn't have to be in this movie  spoiler alert for those who don't want to hear  the f**king idiot who was able to hide from the f**king "super predators" since Vietnam f**king gets caught so easily and gets his head blown the f**k up. Maybe it would be better if this movie was not f**king told to us like were all stupid. Keep some god damn mystery like the first one did for f**k sake!!
  9. Spoon
    Cant wait to see pics. I got to say AVP was the most exciting movie for me as was spiderman as I was huge fans when I was a kid.  Those movies were let downs to me as I matured these movies clearly didn't.    I sure hope this movie doesn't let me down.  Im so looking forward to this movie.
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