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Dedicated Servers for AvP

This has been a big issue for a lot of folk out there but Rebellion recently came out and issued a statement regarding dedicated servers for AvP:

“Despite rumours, Rebellion has always been planning to support dedicated servers for AvP PC and we can now officially confirm that this is the case. Rebellion has always appreciated fan support.”

This comes as a great relief for a lot of our gamers out there. You can check out the entire article here. Thanks to Doomsday for the headsup, as well as jaberwocky36 on the forum.

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Comments: 23
  1. stealth bunny
    @drake, how can it be good that there will be more cheats on pc version, it all about honor so I'm pleased I'll    be playing on xbox360 if it means less cheats, It not about which platform is best,it's just about everyone enjoying their own time in the game.
  2. Scarhunter92
    Thanks God they kept dedicated servers! This guarantees that a lot of AvP2 clans will revive on this one and it'll ready for competitive play.
  3. Drake
    omg how can u compare consoles too pc?    >:D    consoles will pay for dlc pc will not. but there will be alot more cheats on pc than consoles fact! consoles get all the timmys. pcs get the cheaper games! pc cost more! consoles cost less but the games r cheaper! i think that covers all BF moments?
  4. PC gamer
    I guess that also means no more console players bitching and moaning about PC gamers bitching and moaning about dedicated servers.    ;)  
  5. konradski
    there is a reason behind it. as i myself dont like 8v8 console style gaming and like to kick annoying pricks and cheats from a game thats going well,as well as being able to tinker with settings to get the best out of it .somthing consoles are locking down on and make u pay for content most can knockup in their spare time. plus the benefit of having mod sites to gleam for new plugins/texture packs before the pc v console shit apears. i have no argument with either as i own most and find pc better for my online play and community im associated with. the console has its day for drunken reveling as my friends become mind fcked with keys to press  and there nothing better than a tekken fight on console
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