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AvP Pre-Order Bonuses

Those of you who read our EuroGamer report should remember that I mentioned DLC content was going to be tied into pre-orders. Well Sega recently confirmed this:

“Eager AvP fans who pre-order the game will each receive three character skins, including ‘SGT. Kaneko’, ‘Number Six’ and ‘Alien Head Predator’. Official descriptions follow…

  • 1. “SGT. Kaneko – Veteran of 27 drops, including post-incident quarantine of Fiorina ‘Fury’ 161. Wrote the book on small-scale Xeno containment.
  • 2. “Number Six – Personally selected by Karl Bishop Weyland for intensive testing at the Weyland-Yutani research lab on BG-386.
  • 3. “Alien Head Predator – A special mask was created for the most successful Xenomorph Hunter of all time. It brings honor to all who wear it.”

Not too surprising as it seems to be the norm these days. The news originally comes from Games Pro. Also be sure to check out our thread for more promo images of the skins courtesy of resident games guru ikarop. Thanks to Carlp26 and ikarop for the news.

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  1. huntin8-t0n
    I totally agree with the figure/art book idea..that would be awesome   ;D   ! These skins are okay (but personally I dont like the pred skin), but I think it would be unfair to those, who can't pre-order to put in some extra maps or weapons.
  2. Cybrex
    If there was anything I would absolutely LOVE to have, it would be an Art Book, I have a tendency to buy games collectors editions for their Art Books.  Special weapons, or special character for each race would also be good, (not more skins, different characters).  Other then that, I cant really think of anything else that would be cool for the pre-order bonus, unless they did something like what was done for Bioshock, release a figurine with it. :)
  3. Spoon
    Bonus level wont be all that fair.  Something unique to pre ordered online players is a good idea but I can care less my self. Haven't reserved games since my nintendo 64.   To bad this game doesn't play like COD:MW2 online as the customizing is absolutely amazing.  They could have gave the pre orders instant max level for first week or something. Aliens get alien queen, Predator has Super predator from new predator movie.  Human give them all the weapons.
  4. juano
      :)  i seriously cant wait for this game to come out, it looks so amazing, iv bin a fan for a long time & have always wanted such a game, i think this game will complete my life haha
  5. SelectedArt
    Thats kinda...ehh F****** up ^^. I mean the Pred Mask design could be a big F****** lot better, like said in the forum, it could be some movie models... Celtic Pred Etc..Gigers Alien...Hicks or Hudson... Maaan...Hope there are good Models in the game...
  6. FearPeteySodes
    @ Bishop 93 - Because hopefully they were mindful enough to put these on all retail versions.    Kinda lame though IMO. The only one i like is the "6" alien because it reminds me of the DH comics.  The marine pretty much dashes my hopes of any character customization.
  7. Jekku
    The predator one looks kinda goofy but the others look okay.  So, I guess news of pre-order bonuses kinda help make that February 2010 release date a bit more concrete.
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