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New AvP Gameplay Videos [Updated]

Three short new gameplay videos have been posted up on Game

All three videos are just over a minute long, editing in footage from the trailers and new gameplay footage from the single player campaigns. We see some new levels, the Predator’s spear (which can be thrown) and the flamethrower in action. Thanks again to AMC_Duke.

Update: The videos have been removed for the time being. You can still find them in the forum, I believe. There’s also a hands-on video over on G4TV which shows off a lot of new marine gameplay.

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  1. A55tricky
    this looked great i can't wait to play it on my xbox 360. the pred vid looked the best, but i realy liked the pistol in the marine vid. lloked cool. the disk is still the one from pred 2 and not that ninja star thing.
  2. giant naked womble
    hmm spoon lets hope it not fugged up with no dedi server ,no console control,the list is endless for that pile of shiite mw2. but then again console owners know no diffrent and will buy anything with a prefix or number in a title
  3. Spoon
    As for the game they better get rid of pickup weapons and make classes customizable.   I dont know about you but Modern Warfare 2 online is pretty badass even though Im not a fan of the arcade gameplay.
  4. Spoon
    Non of the predator movies had anything to do with each other? Who gives a crap if they are ignoring predator 2?  What the hell does that mean anyway?  so stupid. Im pretty sure we will see the spear or disc in the movie so thats pretty much not ignoring it as theres no other way.
  5. unknown
    wow i need an update the smart gun is NOTHING like the movies weapon its a MIN-GUN kind of G@Y the need to use the ACTUAL model from aliens not a mini guy
  6. Clovers
    Nice gameplay videos.   :)   Folks ,I´have good news and bad news. Good news is Aliens comics#4 preview has been out. The Bad is about Predators ,and this from Fangoria: ``These sources tell Fango that this sequel ignores PREDATOR 2 as well as both ALIEN VS. PREDATOR movies, and is a direct sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer. The script, by Michael Finch, Alex Litvak and Rodriguez, not only takes place on Earth, but its human characters also travel to the Predators' planet to hunt the extraterrestrials. We will see new species-including Predator dogs!-and there's going to be a Berserker Predator, the meanest badass of them all. And in some surprising FX news, KNB EFX's Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero have taken over building the creature suits, previously created by Robert Rodriguez's Studio and Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff's ADI. Now shooting in Austin under the direction of VACANCY's Nimrod Antal, PREDATORS stars Adrien Brody, Danny Trejo, Walton Goggins and FRIDAY THE 13TH's Derek Mears; it's currently set to open July 7, 2010 from Fox.´´ The Fox and Robert Rodriguez have no respect from  Stan Winston from this work in Predator2 , and are try to kill AvP.   >:(  
  7. Camo Predator
    This game will receive game of the month in Febuary and probably be a contestant in game of the year. I love the Aliens and Predators but the marines with the horror kinda antics on their level with the light is your friend thing.  This game will kick @$$. The Aliens I think will have an overall advantage over all the species because their whole body is a weapon and they can blend in with darkness, and lets not forget about climbing walls. Once I get this game i will be getting online first and start owning some noobs.   >:D  
  8. warchant10
    OFF TOPIC:  I have an idea for a cool new weapon for the marines !!!!!!!!!! The developers were speculating about new never before seen weapons introduced to the franchise, and I thought one that would be cool would be a futuristic looking smg.   It could be single or dual equipped and would each have  a clip around...lets say 30 rounds or so. (look simular to a mac11 of todays era,but more futuristic looking).  It could have the highest firing rate of any gun made for close up combat, and could have a really cool secondary firing mode...where a charged shell tube with a 20 ft some odd cable coiled into it, would be loaded into a small launcher tube below the primary's barrel that would slide forward for loading, simular to the pulse rifle grenades. Except, each shell upon being loaded into chamber would take three or so seconds to charge up, indictaed by a small blue LED when its fully charged, from which you could then fire a piercing cable that could hook into a victim and send electrical charges into the victim temporarily incompacitating them (like a overcharged taser) of which you could then unleash a hellstorm of the primarys bullets into them finishing them off. could be real handy to potentially hault two different quick, approaching opponents , kill off several others then finish off the other two.   what do you all think, and does anyone else have any other new creative weapon ideas ???
  9. Killer
    Imagine to play avp 3 on a big 3d screen with 7.1 sound  1920x1080  Ati HD 5870x2  dirctx 11 with XVYCC deepcolors Hdmi 1.4 reveicer  ,play the game alone in the dark  ,  the most frightening experience
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