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Aliens Colonial Marines Still Alive

Game Informer recently posted up a short article regarding the status of Gearbox’s Colonial Marines:

“I’ll tell you this: We love Aliens. You guys know that. You guys did a cover story, you know how much we care about it. We’re working our butts off on it. I think when it comes, people won’t be disappointed, but right now it’s really not up to us to talk about it.”

I’m sure this’ll come as a relief to those out there who thought that Colonial Marines might be falling to the wayside. In the wake of Borderland’s release, I’m sure more resources will be put back onto Colonial Marines. Especially as AvP is drawing closer and Sega will be turning back to CM when AvP is out into the world. Thanks to Matt Mazzucco and AvPSpectrum for the news.

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