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AvP3 Multiplayer Modes Revealed

The anticipated Eurogamer Expo is starting tomorrow where Sega is showcasing the multiplayer modes in Aliens vs. Predator. Sega had a little preview last week and various sites have published previews of some of the game modes. There will be seven multiplayer modes but only four of them were discussed at the event.

Deathmatch – Supports up to 18 players, with the goal being to rack up the most kills.
Infestation – This pits a squad of marines against a single-player-controlled alien. As each marine is killed during a match, he will respawn as an alien until there’s just one last man standing.
Predator Hunt – This is where you get to play as a group of predators hunting a sole alien. You’re given a short match time of three minutes in which to kill the xenomorph and rack up the most kills on your team.
Survivor – This is the updated Skirmish mode where you’re going after wave after wave of increasingly different and difficult Alien AI. You can do that in a four-player co-op.

Previews can be found on: IGN, Gamespot, VideoGamer, Spong, CVG, and Eurogamer. In addition to those, there’s also video footage of the preview event which shows off some more gameplay. Thanks to Hemi, AMC_Duke, Ikarop, Private W Hudson and yaji for the news.

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  1. TheCoOpIsNotGoodEnough
    If it's going to be the same traditional teaming up " Only against the Aliens", then those Aliens better come in a decent variety (different Aliens, not just the same 2 or 3 bots with the same attacks)  Why not allow Human Players Team Up against AI Predators or against AI Marines? Could it be because their AI is too strong or simply too weak and predictable like in AvP Gold and AvP2?  The Aliens in "Survivor" better not be weak and dumb fodder where players can easily and mindless kill over and over.   They should allow the AI to adapt and make co-op hard and fun rather than easy, lame, dull and repetitive.   >:(     >:(    Sigh....  I guess objective based co-op is reserved more for Marines than Aliens or Predators   :'(     :'(    I'll wait till Aliens Colonial Marines is out then....
  2. TheCoOpIsNotGoodEnough
    Almost every other mode is ok except for Survivor.  I hope they will improve a little on the co-op part of AvP by providing Downloadable Content that will add additional (human players vs AI Bots) co-op modes with more than simply staying alive and mindlessly killing Aliens over and over again.  C'Mon, it's the lame Players vs. an endless amount of Aliens AI Skirmish (again)???!!!   I mean hasn't this already been done in AvP Gold and AvP Requiem??? I know they are trying to cater this game to those that haven't been initiated, but c'mon that's the best they can do for the co-op mode???  Haven't they learned anything about objective based co-op modes from the more recent games? I.E. Left4Dead, Call Of Duty World At War, or America's Army?   I referring strictly about players vs. computer controlled AI enemies type of Co-Op.  Survivor has only 1 objective, which I think will become lame and repetitive real quick. They really should give players more than 1 kind of an objective in co-op against computer controlled bots.  My guess is the AI of the Aliens are already too weak for them to not include alternative objectives.  Why not make it more objective oriented??  What about or players fighting together against AI controlled Bosses (seems like only Arcade AvP game allowed players to fight a computer controlled Alien Queen, oh that and a Predator Boss and a Exosuit unit).
  3. Celtic_Hunter
    hey predator hunt its actually something else read some reviews and youl see one predator hunts all other players which are marines.If a marine kills a pred then the marine goes pred and pred goes marine its hunt mode from avp2.Even sow yeee combistick and whne that alien is lifted its lifted by a predator haha cool il have teammates in singleplayer ^^.Predators and humans are revealed in thermal vision mode as i see
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    Sounds pretty awesome so far.   :)    Though I must say I'm upset about the Survivor mode (if it really is a sort of update to the old Skirmish mode). I hated that you could NOT play as the Alien in the old skirmish mode and you could NOT play against any species other than the Aliens. I was really hoping Rebellion was going to address that.   >:(   So much for customization.   ::)  
  5. josharethebest
      :)   uber coolage at this trailer i just hope that rebellion polish it to awesomeness and fix some of the animations make them more fluid and realistic hopefully pred wont always be holding his hands like hes boxing hopefully more by his sides unless fighting and the first couple of pred clips seemed to have a different hud didnt any1 else notice it?
  6. leoTpred
    In the multiplayer preview theres an alien on the ground and u see a combistick at its face... after he throws the disk... ill give u a time length..... 3:17-3:18  theres the combistick :)
  7. Rob
    The vid was wicked !, just seeing the Egg & Facehugger, the Predator impale the Xenomorph with a Spear was Awesome. & oddly a Xeno beeing lifed by somthing, it didn't look a Pred or Marine, Anyway, Allso I liked at the end of the vid was a pic of Paul W.S. Anderson & the peach bubble made me laugh. (Resident Evil Films & AvP were shit)  The Multiplayer Modes Sounds promissing espiealy Survivor, Infestation I like the ider that when you start off as the marines & if one is killed you Respawn as a Xeno. Can't Wate !
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