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New Marine Gameplay Footage [Updated]

You may remember we had the AvP Marine trailer in July 2009, I guess this new video from the Sony Preview Event 2009 in Toronto marks the first time we see a direct feed of some marine gameplay which shows off the HUD.

20091007 New Marine Gameplay Footage [Updated]

Fast forward the video to 2:06 and you’ll see 30 seconds of marine gameplay. There’s also another video here which shows marine gameplay for a split second at 0:19. Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

Update: Another new video has been uploaded showing a minute and half of marine gameplay from the same level.

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Comments: 20
  1. deetsy
    I'm pretty pumped for this game i have to say...I'm going to get it no matter what being a huge predator fan but the thing I'm really waiting to hear about is multiplayer...can't wait for the gameplay footage for that
  2. Rob
    The new marine gameplay looks awsome, the lighting & the dark looking very well done. I like the bit were the marine comes in the corridor then the lights go out, you know what that means, GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!!!!
  3. Xeno
    The game will be awsome, but the clips are very boring.I want to see some official stuff with sounds and not this filmed crap from some convention.   >:(  
  4. pgp023
    Game looks great for what it is.  However, I hope they come out with mod and skinning tools for this game like in avp2 etc.  Also I was hoping to keep corporate faction still in game for multiplayer for a 4 faction battle instead of 3.  Also I thought this was a good oppurtunity to add additional game play experience for multiplayer in marines driving  the apc for evacuation or hot apot areas or hjaving an exo availbale(hosting option).  Also it would be great if you can become a queen with enough kills in multiplayer and build your hive of the map and lay eggs which players can spawn from or spawn dummy AI facehuggers.  It be kinda cool if aliens could also could have some spitting acid affect to cripple close range targets.  I hope the alien classes are unique to the original alien saga movies as well as marine and predator and weps etc.  And hope preds have self destruct option that blows the whole map up lol.  Anyways my point is it looks like they could of added alot of these new concepts into the game but seems like they did not.  However, it is a step of frrom the other avp games obviously.
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