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Walton Goggins Cast in Predators is reporting that Walton Goggins has been cast in the upcoming Predators movie. has heard word that one of Rodriguez’s cast will be none other than Walton Goggins, star of the FX series “The Shield.”

Unfortunately, we do not have any information yet on which role he might be playing, but we’ll update the story as we receive confirmation. Either way, we can probably except there to be a lot more cast announced for the anticipated reboot in the coming weeks.

Thanks to HORSESofTHEM, Justin and Bigpemb for the news.

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  1. AncientPred
    So you were picture BenGrimm fighting Predators Commander? II dunno, I'm picturing that now and its not that appealing. I'd rather see TheThing from JohnCarpenters THETHING than TheThing from Fantastic4.   Its good to see the cast coming together. I heard a rumor that Micheal Jai White might be in the running.
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