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First Look at Predators Script!

There’s a very interesting video commentary on LatinoReview who has had a look at a draft of the script dated July 12, 2009. The first look is very positive. They say the script is ‘awesome’ and providing Fox let Rodriguez handle everything, Fox will have a blockbuster on their hands by next summer. Here’s the main points:

-The script isn’t PG13, it’s a ‘bloody, violent, hard R script reminiscent of the original’.
-Story takes place on the Predators’ homeplanet… Picture it as one big jungle from the cretaceous period.
-Opening sequence takes place with our main character, Royce, chasing down something on a rooftop. The sequence ends with him killing his prey with the Predator watching. The Predator then kidnaps him. We next see the character parashooting onto the Predator planet.
-Soon after we meet seven other characters who also parashooted onto the planet: Cuchillo, Nikolai, Isabelle, Stans, Mombasa, Hanzo, and Edwin.
-They soon realise they’re prey in a game of cat and mouse and they take off on the run in the jungle. The Predator planet is a game reserve.
-A ‘Black Super Predator’ leads the hunting party of two other Super Predators.
-The characters eventually hook up with an American soldier called Nolan hiding in a cave. They find out that the Predators have been dropping humans into the game preserve for years.
-The script includes a cameo appearance from Arnie.

Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Erik
    Chris P  You are wrong, go back and watch the movie again. The character Billy, does die. After Dutch is the only character still fighting for life, it goes to a scene where the predator throws Billy down on a tree and then pulls out his spine and skull, making a trophy.       The concept of having Arnold in this movie is dumb to me. If they do not have any thing to do with the second predator movie and just run straight off the first and completely ignore the second, then it will work. If you watch the second predator, Gary Buseys character tells Glovers character that Dutch who had the first experience with a predator in the jungle, died just weeks after his encounter with the predator. Lets hope that this one will wipe the second predator and all other predator movies other than the first off the face of the planet. MORE GORE, MORE BLOOD, MORE KILLING, I WANT AN M RATING DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. William K....
    Why would there be a need for a "Black Super Predator"?    You figure the Predators would save their Super Predators for something a little more dangerous than humans.    The original Predator took out a thoroughly trained squad, which included the likes of Action Jackson, A WWF legend, a freakin Apache, and not to mention the squad sent before them!    Danny Trejo is a crazy diesel bad-ass mo-fo mexican, but a "Super Predator", 3 of them for him? Naaaa...  Michael jai White is rumored to be in the movie as well, maybe he will be playing the Super Predator, hence the need to make him black!  I thought all Predators were black because of the dreads they sported.
  3. Geez-us-H-Christ
    Never said I know it all, no one does. But at least I can spell unlike you. What exactly is a "gess"? Also know that the real designer behind our beloved Predator is a dude named Jim Cameron....
  4. Peterpan
    Just shut the hell up people this movie will reunite the predator that stan came up with. Gess us christ you better be a predator fan to accuse these people like you know it all.
  5. Jonathan
    Everyone here seem to forgot than Robert Rodriguez isn't Strauss and at least, he got some style!  And for those who complain it will ignore AvP and AvPR. GOOD DAMNIT! Those movie where a insult to the two franchise...
  6. Geez-us-H-Christ
    "You all said the same thing for AVP:requiem and look how it turned out"  EXACTLY. People sure are stupid, or just plain naive, or both. Save your money, don't see it. Or more importantly don't waste one hour and thirty minutes of your life.
  7. Hicks_0998
    @Epsilon: STAN WINSTON mate not Stan "Spider-Man" Lee, he came up with the second design of the predator after the Thomas brothers had it looking like a Japanese bug villan for godzilla.
  8. Spoon
    Just watched Ice age 3 and have to say that would be a sweet example to use for the movie.  Of course more manly and gory LOL.  It would be cool if all the humans died but the american that was hidden there all that time and ends up killing the SUPER SHRED.. i mean predator and stays hidden once again. If you watch Ice age 3 you would see the tie in and the american which would be the experienced one is like one of the characters in the ice age movie.
  9. EpsilonOrpheon777
    did anyone read the novelization for Predator?  THAT was crap.  Predator turning into a falcon and flying around?  Eff that.  Of course it was based off the original predator's design that they changed thanks to Stan Lee but still.  At least this doesn't sound as bad as that.  And i agree with the other people, i'm reserving judgment. I did so with AVPR and liked it.
  10. Blaine
    I watched the Predators first look video again and I don't think the cameo will be by Arnie.  They say, we won't give away who the cameo is by but here is a clue.  Then the clip shows Arnie but his dialogue is "Run, get to the chopper!".  In Predator he said that to Elpidia Carrillo who played Ana.  I bet she's the cameo, not Dutch.
  11. turtlefocker
    The characters sound generic, and the whole concept with pred dogs and falcons sounds kinda lame. Humans should be able to breath, live, on a Predator planet easily. It's an alien world for f**ks sake.   It's pretty much up to Nimrod to make this work, either he lives up to the potential he showed in Kontroll and blows us all away or, he doesn't...   I second the notion that they should just call this Predator 3, P2 is the most under-rated sequel of all time. Hopefully one day it gets the respect it deserves. You know, when the real third Predator comes out.
  12. JRZNIN
    I have my doubts, but i can also see how this could be a good story.  But a Black Super Predator sounds a little retarded.  Maybe they should go with a seasoned Predator.  Like Wolf from AVP-R.  Or the Elders, just don't have some giant black looking mutation of a predator out there.  That might just suck.
  13. dallas121
    That's pretty right, the script and all the stuff linked to this movie sound like another AVP-R.  But the 80s is over, and way to shoot a movie has evolved.  It's look to be a fast action movie, humans characters will probably look escape from a TV reality show, and the movie will not exceed 90 min. But where is the matter? I appreciate very much AVP-R for the pred, the picture, the sound....And the action... I just hope to be surprised by the movie, and I guess I will! Danny trejo: Good choice! Good actor!
  14. DrGediman
    Sounds awesome, but they could still f**k it up - a cheesy ending where they escape the planet or some stupid and unnecessary romance with the female character (there is no time for that in survival situations).  No Hollywood bs, please.  Antal I don't think will mess this up, given he's not a hack.    It sounds good, though, PREDATOR on another planet with people being hunted, how awesome.
  15. Raider
    I heard that Danny Trejo is going to be in the movie. My brother met him and he is an awesome guy. I hope he has an epic scene with the Predators.
  16. Steve C
    Spoon: the newer films thus far have been bastardizations of the classics.  Poorly made in every sense of the word.  These movies have gone from being big blockbusters with respectable casts who can actually act to swearing, post-pubescent teenagers being killed by an Alien in a pool.  I doubt "Predators" will be much better.  Alien 5, however, has more potential. As always, I'll reserve final judgement until I see the finished product, but I'm hardly about to get my hopes up.
  17. JediYautja
    Mike D  Interesting thought...Thing is, if you watch the Preds in AVP, when you first see them, Chopper doesn't have any skulls on his back, but then later he does; I always thought that they were from victims of the base camp they all just dispatched! (Chopper seemed pre-occupied with humans anyway...Explains why he was about to kill Lex and, subsequently, why he was killed so easily by sneaky Grid!)
  18. Spoon
    yes they were enough thats why they are not making them anymore.  They are making alien and predator movies now.  How can you complain about that? Alien 5 directed by Ridley Scott and then you have predator which so far as such a bad ass script hopefully becomes successful.  I think personally ill have to see how the predators look then Ill judge the movie
  19. Brian c
    Hicks you are 150 % right and picture if STAN WINSTON was still alive, i cant even image what more  characters and monsters he would of came up with to create. If Stan and KEVIN PETER HALL were still alive ( the two people that made the predator amazing)  they would of made future films amazing to the franchises. You got the creature creater (Stan) and the life thats inside it (Kevin Peter Hall). Hes like that spark that brings life inside it, with out that its just a suit.
  20. Hicks_0998
    @ Shrek: I think AvPR will always be remembered as a kiddy slasher movie from now on lol.  And Brian, you know what connects the dots to those hugely successful franchises? One name: STAN WINSTON, a man whose name can only be spelt in capitals.  If the lads doing Predators get one of his underlings, I reckons the movie could be worthy of praise.
  21. Brian c
    23 years ago this evil monster was introduced to us all and look now they are still making the movie. That just goes to show you that predator is a successful movie just like predator 2. They just came out with terminator 4 and the first came out in 1984. Terminator was also a succsessful franchise. They are comming out with alien 5 in 2011 and THAT!!! came out in 1979. The three ultimate monsters of all time are Predator Alien and Terminator. They all came out in the 80's. People like these franchises.
  22. jimmylace
    the core concepts pretty good - I mean, what else could they do for a decent predator sequel that explored new territory? the idea of predators capturing the most badass earthlings and taking them back home for a "special" hunt is pretty cool......
  23. Spoon
    OMG its not even a reboot. Reboot from what?  They are aliens.  Every movie could have been a reboot.  Nothing tied in.  No same actors.    Anyway this movie sounds bad ass!   Sounds very interesting and I like how the predators use the humans for a little game on their planet.
  24. Mills
    Yah, who the hell said they were ignoring Predator 2, and both AVPs? Did someone just pull that out of their ass? How exactly are they ignoring those movies by having a story unrelated to them? Not all sequels start by saying "Previously in...". Doesn't anybody watch horror movies? I swear, some people...cripes!    >:(  
  25. TheTrekman
    Also, so far I don't see anything that would contradict the events of Predator 2 or AVP & AVP-R for that matter. I don't think Rodriguez's goal is to completely ignore the other Predator movies, but to make Predators such a kick-ass movie that people (the general audience) would want to forget the rest. That's how I interpreted Rodriguez's statement a while back.
  26. TheTrekman
    I think "Super Predator" is just a placeholder name to help distinguish them from regular Predators. Personally, I think these Super Predators are older Predators that have retired from travelling the galaxy to hunt. Instead, they bring the hunt to them. It's like this alien planet is their version of Florida.
  27. Hicks_0998
    Remember when Alien  3 came out and had the dogburster? That worked because hey, itd be pretty damn freaky having a dog alien chase you till it eated you up.  As for the Pred dogs: didnt the planet in the original AvP comic (1989) have all sorts of creatures that had the pred mandibles?  Like a huge ass snake, some birds, and even the monkeys looked weird.  Not Ryushi but the seeded planet for the hunts.
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