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First AvP3 Alien Gameplay Footage!

The first alien gameplay footage from Aliens vs. Predator has found its way onto YouTube. It’s cam footage from a convention and it’s hard to make out because people are walking in front of it all the time. It shows off a lot of the alien abilities like seeing through walls and its various attacks. Check out the five-minute video below:

We also have a number of new magazine articles thanks to Ikarop. Some of them feature new images and concept art. Check out this thread for more details. Thanks to Private W Hudson for the news.

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  1. Aliens
    Wonder if they have splitscreen as well but it looks awesome im defantly getting it for the ps3 and pwn everyone (See if you good at Fps games add me and lets fight out when it comes out my online account is: Deany-B)   :P  
  2. Spino17
    You might think that it looks crap cause of the 2D alien mouth and the strange blood colour but hey...It`s still in progress and besides would you rather have the old jaguar version instead of the Playstation, X-Box 360 and Pc version
  3. alienlover
    Look I'm gonna clear something up all the fears about the animation and gameplay for the alien are well placed but unnecessary this footage wasn't even going to be released and then rebellion just said what the hell i think it looks like a really good work in progress and cant wait to explore all three species but if you see me online you can bet i'll be playing as an alien no matter what.
  4. Elude
    Half of you guys thinking the blood is extremely shiny are really funny, you do know most of the shine to it if not nearly all of it is from it being captured from a camera in the distance. Just go take a look at the predator trailer in comparison to the walkthroughs, its a huge difference in how shiny objects are.
  5. Headbite
    I agree that the headbite animation was a but I'm sure it will get fixed because this is a beta for the game. says so on the screen, so changes are bound to be made. Don't worry, im sure the final game will cater to all of our killing variety needs.  i just wanna be able to climb down the wall and grab the stupid marine and drag him back up the wall and kill him slowly    >:D  
  6. herbie 1
    im really diserpointed with the head biting graphics they look cartoon like they should get rid of that and replace it with the tongue with non cartoon like graphics like u see in the avp 2 film
  7. sdgsg
    Man you people, rebellion can just show a video of a pred walking backwards and you guys will still yell "THAT WAS AWESOMe!!!". The vid isn't that good. geez.
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