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Howard Berger on Predators

MovieHole caught up with KNB’s Howard Berger whose company are doing the special effects on Predators. He basically just says they’re going to be faithful to Stan Winston’s work in the original movies.

“I just saw some photos today and they look absolutely fantastic!”, says Berger, who got his start working with Stan Winston on films like “Predator” and “Aliens”. ”˜’Greg [Nicotero] is supervising and masterminding that one. So we’re in pre-production on [it] right now…

…we wanted to have the Predator look as it did in the original film. We went back and looked at the original. I actually worked in the shop with Stan Winston on the first film. It was great to be able to go back to the series having not been involved in any of the sequels, and it was also great to be able to make sure we built them as Stan Winston did… They look really fantastic. There’s a whole bunch of cool [Predator’s] in the film, and everyone’s going to be very happy that we’ve been very faithful to the Stan Winston designs. It’s out next year. It’s shooting very soon.’’

In related news, Big Island Weekly spoke to Ron Schmidt, the unit production manager on Predators, about shooting in Hawaii. Casting still hasn’t been completed and sets haven’t been finished. He says the story takes place with nine characters running through the jungle escaping the predator. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. shred predator
    they also said for avp:requiem they wanted to go back to the original predator look and you see how that turned out. havent yall learned from the past 2 movies with predators in them to not hold your breath? I have.
  2. RakaiThwei
    But here is the thing, Rodriguez is trying to apply the formula from Aliens to Predator and I just do not see it working like that unless it was a group of Predators hunting on some planet named LV something.   But no, Rodriguez wants this movie set on the or a Predator planet, have the humans kicking alot of Predator butt, and make the creature which we all grew to love from the 87 classic into the butt of many jokes. If a group of Commandos got owned by a single Predator in the 87 classic, which according to Roddy's shit smear script, do you honestly thing 9 people have a chance on a planet full of Predators?   No. They don't.   And Rodriguez apparently didn't like the idea of Predators being a clan based society which was introduced in Predator 2, a concept we grew to like for many years.   I don't see this film working as a Predator film..
  3. AncientPred
    I do agree that the Pred's in AVP-R were vast improvements over those in AVP. Wolf was really a great character. But a great character in a bad film. I think the only problems I had with his designs was with the whip. I wish it had some more weight to it. But thats about it. The vision modes also had some issues in visibility and consistency.   As far as the writing, we know that Rodriguez script is serving as the basis for the new film. But as far as the quality of the writing, the character interactions the development, this may all have changed. Such things can evolving without changing the overall sequence of events. I imagine there to certaintly be some differances.
  4. konradski
    "There's a whole bunch of cool [Predator's] in the film"  lol from this sentance , A shiver ran down my u all remember the avp ones when they waffled about things in the film
  5. C.P
    good to hear there going with the original stan winston predator    ;D   allthough like everyone else, im worried about this film being rushed    :(  
  6. C.P
    Dallas 121 - ''Does am I the only one to appreciate AVP-R for pred design and character?''  Im with u dude! the only thing good about avp r was the wolf :) the look sound and feel. Ian Whyte did a fantastic job and the brothers strause did a good job with the pred!    :)  
  7. Xenomorphine
    Ancient: We also know from those involved that it's going to be "the same story". If it somehow has undergone a radically different variation, then it's only been in the last month or so and one would have expected them to be hinting at that, considering all the bad publicity this has got.  Also, what makes you think it'll be any better than those other films?
  8. dallas121
    " we wanted to have the Predator look as it did in the original film. We went back and looked at the original."  That's the good news of the day! Don't forget to keep original pred sound too!! ...But I agree they can borrow pred weapon from AVP-R, those have been much better than previous movies. Does am I the only one to appreciate AVP-R for pred design and character?
  9. Hicks_0998
    When I first heard that Berger "saw some photos" I thought to myself well why the f**k arent these circulating on the net yet so we can shoot this thing down in flames? Thank god its not another AvP steaming pile of dog poop, but on the same token: rush job of a movie with our favourite yautja? Rather watch a fan movie thanks.
    Im so glad they are going back to the design of the first CLASSIC PREDATOR. Even now the movie has stood the pass of time, i also hope they dont rush this promising sequel. Casting still not done yet! that does worry me. Really looking forward to it though.   :)  
  11. AncientPred
    The story and script have been revised by this point. As they brought in outside writers several weeks ago. As far as a rushed schedule, it was the studios decision and Rodriguez and the director are going to work within that timeframe. I'm sure Rodriguez will be editing as they're filming or all at once after production is wrapped. Fox is notorious for treating film-makers like crap and rushing release dates. As for the cast, we don't even know who has been cast yet. I'm sure, very soon, once everyone has signed they'll make one large announcement.
  12. K
    Eh... I've heard these claims before... But even if the Predator(s) DO look like the original (or Predator 2's), that does not make up for a shit story. Predator (as well as Predator 2) was compelling because of: a) an intruiging story, b) intense action and set pieces, and c) great, KNOWN cast. We already know we're not getting the latter, the middle factor so easily overdone anymore, and there is a world of discomfort and contempt for the proposed storyline by Rodriguez, which has been confirmed IS what they are now producing... Reserve your hopes, reserve them tightly.
  13. OptimusP
    Thank god for no ADI and going back to the original pred looks, but the casting has yet to be done...and i really cant see Adrian Brody or Denzel Washington as the lead.  Maybe Sam Worthington.
  14. Purebreedalien
    "It's out next year. It's shooting very soon."  The fact that it's out next year, and that it hasn't actually began shooting yet makes me lose hope of the quality of this film. Sure, we're probably gonna have a badass looking Predator squad, clan, whatever but a crappy rushed movie overall.      :-\  
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