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The Five Ages of Rebellion

With Rebellion finally returning to the realm of AvP gaming, AvPGalaxy has taken a look back over the years at the previous AvP games Rebellion has been responsible for:

“AvP was unlike any other Alien or Predator game. It let you play through the game as an Alien in desperate search of the Queen, a Predator seeking to regain its honour or a marine trapped on board the station. Each species came with its own individual arsenal and story. Different objects and weaponry allowed for different play styles which really set the game apart from others out there.”

The article looks at how the games changed as technology evolved and summarizes everything we know about the upcoming game. Check out the Five Ages of Rebellion and let us know what you think.

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Comments: 33
  1. predalien27
    Um, Xenomophine, when you said that DH doesn't adhere to continuity, I think you are mistaken. Almost all the Aliens comics continue the story started in Aliens: Outbreak. (This is what it is called in Omnibus but I know they sometimes feel like changing the real names of the comics in Omnibus)
  2. Clovers
    Corporal Hicks  I´m have big favor to ask.I´m tria to adaptation the William Gibson's original script for "Alien III" in to comic/manga. I thourght to ask your opinion about the script, and know your Personal Opinions.My work is tribute William Gibson  , but also to my favorites comics artis, and DH comics, for ther work Aliens/AvP/Predator comics.I´m Hope the work is going to see light of day some time , in the next year. This site is base for my work. And by away, best graphic novels THE WALKING DEAD and the manga KING OF THORN , are going to adaptation to movie and tv series.         :o     :o  
  3. Turn&shoot
    Note to: G8RSG1 I have AvP Gold, but there is something wrong with this game. Sounds (including music) and graphic (including main menu) are malfunctioning. I'm still trying to fix it or find a proper patch. You should reconsider if buying AvP Gold is worth it. The game that doesn't work is no fun at all. :(
  4. Rob
    Clovers & Xenomorphine Both of you have a point, yes some comics are good & some are bad. The only heroe crossover comics i like is Batman Aliens, the rest are pritty bad. Dark Horse do try there best.
  5. Clovers
    ``Guys, forget the comic shit... Please! Except for three or four of them, most were crap!´´ Xenomorphine,Now I´know  what feel  Zach Howard.... The DH comics have done good work in the Aliens/AvP/ Predator comics, form past years. Yes, true that some comics are bad ,crossovers like  AvP vs terminator, DC comics heroes, Witchblade,... or comics in bad art , bad  or boring story ,bad ``dead end´´ like the one in Aliens: Wraith . But supresing , Omnibus are good ,and Corporal Hicks, have done good job in Review,in those comics and books,are rely good. Xenomorphine, yes , maybe you have your point vision, and I´m have mine.And last thing I´no whats hapen is 4ª WW, like the one, Zach vs Mr Domino have. I´m hope this not start some war, ok.
  6. Xenomorphine
    Are we seriously debating the combat prowess of a half-elephant thing which spends its entire existence FUSED TO A CHAIR?  Guys, forget the comic shit... Please! Except for three or four of them, most were crap!
  7. Clovers
    Probably ,the Predator can kill  Space Jockey,but one Alien-jockey, like the one Aliens:The Destroying Angels?Thats will be epic to see, in comics books. One question ,are two Space Jockey spiece? Because I´m see the Space jockey from 1º  Aliens graphic novel  ,have design more organic like ,and the ones from The Destroying Angels are least like the one from the movie.Are just one or two space jockey ´race?
  8. Corporal Hicks
    Now I realize some of the opinions I expressed on the games might not be shared with some members of the community so I'd just like to say now. They are only my opinions. If you don't agree, that's absolutely fine.
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