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ACM Release Depends on AvP’s Success

There’s an interesting article on G4TV about Aliens Colonial Marines’ release date. This is sorta obvious but Sega have openly said that its release date is dependent on how Aliens vs Predator does at retail.

“I think the detail of that [release date] is probably still too early,” said Hayes. “What I would say is it’s unlikely that we’d launch anything within six months [after Aliens vs. Predator], but probably nine months, eight to 12 months possibly. Though we literally are looking at that at the moment and a lot of is going to depend, as well, on how successful AvP is at the box [retail].”

Thanks to ikarop for the news.

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  1. nick
    this game is based on team based action.....not f**kin horror and suspense.......if you want horror get AVP. AVP will have everything ACM will have just not to much teamwork involved.
  2. Clovers
    @Rob Their are just inspirantion in desing ,not real thing. Can you , explain to me ,what is real propose of Egg Morphing in Alien? @RakaiThwei  I´m have two questions, about Predators script/movie: Is  Producer John Davis  (same producer the kill AvP:R) ivolved this movie ? The Predators script have some female-predators, or   diferent point aspet from the predators society, in scrpt?
  3. Clovers
    @Rob I´m thing , we have to create post topic about this in forums discussion.Unfortylti cant login in  forums becase, my email problemes,but i´m will help in the Add a Comment  in the news topic , from any question thei have.Yes, Abara manga have strong  in Alien atmosphire, and also Wolverine:SNIKT also have strong Alien inspirintion, Primogenitor like big White Gauna , remenber  the ``Big mama ´´Queen from 1º Aliens comics. Also Digimortal have Predator action, and the cyborgs from Blame! and Biomega , the Silicon Creatures, have strong inspirantion in  the Space Jockey  and Predator.    :)   Today have suprise on reading Claymore book 13 and 14  ,and lukes like Teresa face the old freind , and she turns in Awakened Beings ,that is crossover  mix in Sil from Species movie and Alien Queen. And the Shimigami King from Death Note have some pose  was the Aliens Queen.   :)  
  4. Rob
    @Clovers I am an Aliens comic fan, i got some Aliens comics & Halo comics. I gess it would be ineresting to see Tsutomu Nihei do an Alien, Predator or a AvP comic. i like the Abara comic, deffinetly an Alien atmosphire to it.  personaly i can see Tsutomu Nihei do an Aliens comic.   ;)   Anyone else think the same ?
  5. Clovers
    @Rob, I´m not sure you are Aliens/Predator/AvP comics fan , but have thing have ask, as well to other  menbers. Did you think Tsutomu Nihei can bring good Aliens/Predator/AvP comics? I´m say ,yes ,but no know you, people agree.Tsutomu Nihei art is some times compare to H.R. Giger, and he already works to  MARVEL in comics like Wolverine : SNikt! and one chapter in HaLo grafik novel.He best work is the manga is Blame!. this is links . The 1º is about inspirantion ,the 2º is about ther comics works. Site is German. And please, ask to others menbers about thier opinion. 1º ATENCION!: this 2 linnk is about Tsutomu Nihei work, not necerary releted Aliens or Predator, or AVP.    :)  
  6. Clovers
    Rob, my 1ºquestion is from  William Gibson alien 3 script ,not from  David Fincher movie , not forget in alternate  version of Alien³ (the "Assembly Cut") ,  alien burst fram Babe ox rather the dog. In script Williiam Gibson, the Biological Warfare division from, Anchorpoint , under developing alien warriors , from ther on ,in base ADN samples,from  legs Bishop , after he have fisic contact in the Alien Queen from Aliens.But the clone expermet ,result in outbreak airborne virulent contagion, creating Aliens virus. The human infeted turns in Alien, but not all infeted turn Alien,some cases. In these cases ,the aliens  chestbursters burst from host ,in same old fase away Chet predalien jr.Queen ´s chestbursters done thier host. But ani way, thanks.   :)  
  7. Rob
    Clovers: The Alien in Alien 3 bursts out of a Rottweiler not a human, It grows & sheds into its adult form not transforming. thats all i can say from your questions.   ;)  
  8. Rob
    ACM:  Looking at the picture the Aliens look a little of key, origanal Alien head from "ALIENS" & the fleshy Alien body from "Alien Resurrection  Alien vs. Predator". I hate that    >:(    AvP3: The Aliens look the way they should an Exoskeleton Biomesh body i think (correct me if im rong) & i like that, nothing beats the origanal look.   ;)  
  9. Clovers
    Ok,this is for 2º time,and please ,dudes aswser-me.  1º-In script William Gibson alien 3 , the human to alien, change/ transformed , is like creatures in Resident Evil game or is like the movie alien  Invasion of the Body Snatchers?  2º- The Alien Newborn have 2 designs in 2 scripts A:R,  the the alien/spider vampire and humanoid, but hear in  scripts from Eric Red and David Twohy , thie have on Newbors.Are thier designs diferent or is same ?  3º- Predators have some inspirantion from the 1º game  Unreal?Because The Skaarj have the same atitudes the Predators have in script.(the slaves ,genectic crossover and cybernetic implants and torture thing cooperation in the human /alien weapon ...) And please,  aswser-me.   ::)  
  10. DragonBossk
    I wait the wait between AVP and ACM is justified tbh, otherwise there may be too much division between them from the fans that may decrease multiplayer quality for example. Lets just hope any decisions to put ACM on hold wont stop Gearbox from testing and bug fixing etc.
  11. AvP FTW
    Why I prefer AvP over ACM? Simple. It offers variety(play as alien, predator, marine). Aliens Colonial Marines(can only play as marine as far as I know).
  12. randy4321
    Xhan just because the game doesnt satisfy your taste and more than likely will not like it doesnt mean u have to bash on him for being excited about it...heck im excited and am CELEBRATING because I know it will be a good game regardless if u agree or not.
  13. Cpt. Gorgeous
    I wonder what kind of success AVP needs. It will not beat games like CoD, Halo or Unreal I guess.   It sounds like a excuse for finally cancelling it    >:(  
  14. MeoW
    AVP will do well....alot of people will buy it because it sounds and looks like a good game. It probaly will be a good game by the looks of it....and its something to keep you ocupied before ACM.
  15. Clovers
    AvP  new game ,is correcte line ,to IGN gave game least  -8/10 or , worst , 7/10.    :-\   I´m reli hope  thei not kill Aliens CM for 3 time. But games are good, but for some people ,the games are just boring ,and the crictices some times thie not nice in thie review.Most times thie just said games  are bad if before thier release game in shops.  Now have somes question. 1º-In script William Gibson alien 3 , the human to alien,  change/ transformed , is like creatures in Resident Evil game or is like the movie  Invasion of the Body Snatchers? 2º- The Alien Newborn  have 2 designs in 2 scripts A:R, the the alien/spider vampire and humanoid, but hear in  scripts from Eric Red and David Twohy , thie have on Newbors.Are thier designs diferent or is same ? 3º- Predators have some inspirantion in 1º  game from Unreal?Because The Skaarj have the same atitudes the Predators have in script.(the slaves ,genectic crossover and cybernetic implants and torture thing and cooperation in the human /alien weapon ...)
  16. Spoon
    ACM is way more interesting.  I sick of these fast action FPS games.  Im dying for this more realistic team based shooter.  Its going to be way more terrifying and actually have suspense.  Very disappointing news.  I actually hope this delay puts good development time.
  17. Sh0dan
    You would think if AvP was to sell well, then they would want to maximise profits from that game, before releasing another alien title.  Anyways, it doesn’t convince me to buy AvP. It just don’t look too quality in my opinion… I want something fresh that hasn’t been done before. Like ACM or the canned RPG.
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