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AvPGalaxy Interviews Chris Warner

We recently had chance to interview Chris Warner, the man behind the recent omnibus releases and the latest comic series from Dark Horse:

“The most important thing was figuring out how we wanted to go about the re-launches, story-wise. Over the years, and through a variety of editorial pilots, the franchises had sort of roamed all over the landscape, and we needed to think hard about how we wanted these new series to play out. Through conversations with Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley, we determined the directions we wanted to pursue”

We speak about the relaunchs, the omnibus and he even divulges some new info on Three World War. Be sure to check it out.

In related news, Dark Horse recently unvieled the cover for Aliens #4 and released the preview for Predator #2.

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  1. Clovers
    Hello,is me again.First thing I´m have to say this is nice interview Corporal Hicks, but i´have to agreede in Mr Domino in some ,about fact DH comics not say much about their produts, because thie gone some wall``screwing it up, then we won't buy it.´´And recycling  the mythos for the past, some thimes is not ,fery good ideia. The want sominting new, and is thime to darks horse comics make a estep, and stop use same clicse to no-fan, and put thing the fan want. For exemplo: bring space jokies and dark mistery the ALIEN have, humans dramas and tension  in Action the ALIENS Have, bring Honor and gore Action Predator Film Have. And come Dark Horse, is time to AVP comics and Aliens and Predator comics became Maturel like The Walking Dead.The movie´s are , why not comics?  P.S I´m Portugues and not write Englis very well.In some case no undertand,I´m rely sorry abut that. And By way , I´m little angry because no one wask to questions make in outher day in comment ´s rebelions AVP3.And pleas, respond.
  2. vikingspawn
    Good interview.   Thanks for asking about the uncollected short Aliens stories.   

    Maybe they could finally reprint the 12-part Aliens: Countdown by Denis Beauvais one day in a #0 issue comic or something.   12 pages in original b&w and maybe another 12 in full color.   ;D  They did a similar thing recently for Star Wars: Dark Times #0.     8)
  3. Mr. Domino
    Its been that way pretty much all over the mythos for the past couple of years...

    Nobody wants to say anything before their product comes out, because they know if we're aware of how much they're screwing it up, then we won't buy it. SEGA's definitely been that way, as has Dark Horse.
  4. Xenomrph
    I dunno, the Aliens stuff is pretty explicitly set after reclaiming Earth from the Aliens in the old 'Earth War' series. The Predator stuff has present day human military driving present day vehicles and using present day weapons, equipment, and uniforms.
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