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AvPGalaxy Interviews Rebellion!

We know a lot of people have been waiting for this for a long time. Sorry about the delay. It took a lot longer than anticipated but it’s better late than never. You may remember us asking the community to submit their questions a while ago. We tried to cover the most popular areas and we selected the most viable questions. We have now published our Rebellion Interview.

20090807 AvPGalaxy Interviews Rebellion!

On a related note, we also have a list of each species’ abilities and weapons which we found in a new magazine scan. Check out the thread for more details. Thanks to the community for getting involved and special thanks to ikarop for managing the interview.

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  1. Nick
    some people keep saying will there be multiplayer co-op and you other dumb asses keep saying leave it to A:CM......hell no! of course there will be co-op in AVP3........ A:CM is suppose to be a tactical kinda of game where AVP3 is more horror....
    "... all the Alien types seen in the movies will be represented in some form - and there will be a couple of interesting surprises too..."  That with a new control system and the full Alien life cycle has me SO very excited. Here's to hoping that we get some EPIC news about the Xenomorphs on the 19th-23rd. Thanks for the interview, and all the excellent information.   X    8)  
  3. Clovers
    Nice interview, but i  not like the Rebellion  taken inspiration from Strauss brothers new ideas.  Corporal Hicks and Dallas, think the critics what the new Aliens and Predator Comics in the same level The Walking Dead comics serie.Sorry to say but TWD is TWD, i think FoX or DH comics not aprove the Aliens/AvP/Predator Comics have same stuf ( not undeads,but human drama, gore , woman rape,) TWD have. P.S.1) Did you think  Tsutomu Nihei , same creator the mangas Blame!,Noise, Biomega, Wolveriene:SnikT! and HALO: Break Quaratine, can bring a good Aliens/AvP/Predator Comics? A)Yes. B)No.  2) Aliens Omnibus vol3 and 4 and 6 are good?
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, this taking place some time after Alien 3 would explain the wonky Marine weapons, armor, and sfx (which I suspected), but I don't like it.   >:(   I want to use the weapons that I know and love from the movies with the kind of technology available for today's games.   :'(    Same goes for the Preds. I HATE that stupid spear gun and I wish they'd include the entire assortment of weapons and gadgets displayed in the films (yes, I also mean the AVP films). Though, they haven't yet revealed all, so here's hoping. I just pray Rebellion doesn't turn them into freak'n gods. Again. *sigh*   :-[    It's funny how they mention the Alien's speed being a critical aspect of it's ability, yet all the footage shown has them moving quite slow. I'm also disappointed about them not including any sort of limited acid spitting ability. If implemented properly, it could be a great tactical weapon and loads of fun to use.  I'm getting more and more mixed emotions with every piece of info the release or new clip they show.   :-\  
  5. Spoon
    thanks for the interview. Funny how its 30 years after alien 3 and humans got some upgrades..... how about predator?  what is it more then 200 years since we saw what the can do in movies?  well Im pretty sure we can say the predator should be unstoppable by then.   Funny how predator doesn't get effected by time.   Thats why movies and games should be in present time as at least both species wont get effects by time as we know it.
  6. Marvel Sucks!
    I agree with capsul. the answers were quite thin and imaginable & too much secrecy regarding the game's development. Iv'e got a feeling this game is going to be exactly the same as the original but with pretty graphics. Have just wait and see i guesse!
  7. Caps
    Thank you for doing the interview, even though the answers were quite thin and imaginable by oneself.  What's the point in the secrecy regarding the game's development... I really don't understand. A clich
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