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AvP3 Due Out February

It’s official. Sega has set the date for AvP as February of 2010. Not sure how long it’s been on the site either but it also shows a thumbnail of some boxart. This has been confirmed as a placeholder.

20090804 AvP3 Due Out February

Release date and image are from Sega’s official AvP site. Also Sega are going to be demoing AvP3 at the Eurogamer Expo. Thanks to ikarop for the news.EDIT: Sega has since come out and said: “Early 2010 is all we can confirm at the moment”.EDIT #2: Contrary to Joystiq’s article, Eurogamer has released an article saying: “SEGA has told Eurogamer that Aliens vs. Predator will indeed be released in February, as the official website suggests.”

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  1. Hicks_0998
    Yes I understand that but for sequential referencing, is it AvP 3 or just something completely different? It's not a hard question to answer is it? So you got Aliens vs Predator, Aliens vs Predator 2, and now Aliens vs Predator again? Hmmm
  2. Hicks_0998
    Yeah is it a reboot or an actual AvP 3 game? Don't get me wrong: i love the title and how the game looks but yeah, clarification on the title of AvP or AvP 3 would be good. Just for sequence sake.
  3. X-Rex
    Are we sure this is even AVP3? I mean I hope it is, I want to see what happens after AVP2, they better not leave us hanging. But I mean all the game says is Aliens vs Predator, as if they are making a totally different story.
  4. Ash 937
    Cool!  This probably means that our next major dose of A:CM info will come out shortly after this is released!  I am looking forward to seeing some new screen shots and footage of A:CM at around March 2010!
  5. KaizerDan
    Purdy art baby! just dont throw in the damn digital images from the fist ones manual... those pissed me off...  Simple the the H for half life    :-*  
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