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New AvP Comic – Three World War

Pictures from the San Diego Comic Con have started filtering onto the internet and of particular note to us Aliens and Predator fans is this one:

20090722 New AvP Comic - Three World War

It is from the Dark Horse section of the con and is the first we’ve seen to do with the Aliens vs Predator series that was announced by Dark Horse. No other details about the series are known other than that John Arcudi is writing it. Thanks to X-SOLDIER for the news.

As well as this, Aliens #2 is in stores today. Dark Horse posted a preview earlier this week. Also look out for our review of Predator #1 soon and an interview with the editor of the comics, Chris Warner.

EDIT: Comic Book Resources have just posted up an article about the new series, complete with art and details. Thanks to VikingSpawn for the tip.

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  1. Cpt_winkle
    I KNOW!! I thought I was crazy, but it says there is a third film coming up. I havn't seen any of the new comics, just got Omnibus 2 of AVP and deadliest of the species is the lamest comic EVER!! As bad as Resurection!  But I am surprised so many disliked the second AVP, I think it was pretty good and gave me that awesome feeling of watching an 80's movie.   Who knows, maybe it'll be like the second series of Star Wars, save the best for last   ::)  
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