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Aliens Colonial Marines ‘Still Alive’

Gearbox President Randy Pritchford recently did an interview with CVG. He doesn’t say anything new, just that they’re still actively working on the game and when the time is right, Sega will tell us something. I don’t count on that happening any time soon. :/

“I know that there hasn’t been much talk about what we’re doing for awhile and that more details would be very juicy. Like so many people, I’ve been patient for years to finally be able to play this game and now that I’m actually involved in the creation of it I can tell you that it’s extremely challenging to continue to be patient as it develops,” he told us. “I want to tell all! But I can’t. But I can say that we are working hard and that there are great things afoot and I know that when the time is right, Sega will be excited to share more details about the game. Until that time, I guess the only thing anyone can do is just keep pressuring Gearbox and Sega to spill more beans. Maybe one of us will eventually crack.”

“I love Aliens and I love Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. I am extremely committed to the game and I’m very confident in Sega’s commitment to the Aliens brand and to our game. I can imagine that there are a LOT of Aliens fans out there just like me that feel we’ve been waiting for our true Aliens game since we first saw the film and now that we know it’s in development, we want it NOW!”

Look out for a full interview with Randy Pritchford on CVG in the coming days. Thanks to Aliens Colonial for the news.

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  1. Meathead320
    I ain't holding my breath. Its been a while since a good platform game, and this seires easily lends itself to the video game world. Guns, explosions, lots of Aliens enemies, different classes of enemies with facehuggers, bursters, not to mention the different types of Adult Aliens depending on host, and even boss monster Alien Queen.  Sadly, the natural video game elements are wasted when a company like sega spend money on development, just to drop the ball.
  2. i_hate_sega
    Sega is beyond incompetent.  it's already 3 years.  how could they mess up a great franchise like this is beyond me.    somebody here once said it was a big mistake to have a japanese infantile company doing a truly american sci fi franchise.  i just realize that was an undrestatement.  sega doesn't deserve this franchise and their indecison is just killing the franchise.  f******g sega!
    As soon as i figure out how to hook my freezer up to my home made cryotube I'll freeze myself and be thawed off in time for the release. Also in time for the release of all the Alien blu rays. 2021 baby!  My only question is, will a TV dinner still be good after 12 years of being frozen?  Cause I'll just eat one when i thaw out.
  4. Sh0dan
    In response to Hicks_0998. Its not the same game. The titles are the same, but it has nothing to do with the PS2 game.  This from a GBX dev: “The game isn't intentionally related to the previous game, but the title was absolutely perfect. It's not an association we're upset to have, as we all wish that game had been able to be finished because it showed promise. But yeah, any similarities are coincidences or just because they are good ideas for an Aliens game.”
  5. Ash 937
    First he says he would love to give more information but he can't.  Then he tells us that with enough pressure he will crack and spill the beans.  I think he is just toying with the fans at this point.  If anyone is in charge of this thing, it's SEGA.  When people get strong-armed to keep their mouth shut, you gotta stop taking what they say about their own authority seriously.
  6. Slaine
    Patience = better quality.  rushed games end up needing patches or expansions, or worst still, are beyond fixing. let them take their time and make it a game worth the wait....
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