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New Aliens Colonial Marines Screens

Forum member Space Sweeper recently uncovered two brand new screenshots from Gearbox’s Colonial Marines:

20090717 New Aliens Colonial Marines Screens

They both show a synthetic that has been torn in two with an APC parked nearby. The first is a closer image, the second is the same scene but from further away. Thanks to Cellien and Space Sweeper for bringing this to my attention and of course a special thanks for Takhen for uncovering them in the first place.

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Comments: 15
  1. Capsulex
    Most definitely fake... no way they're official. If so.. maybe build 1, before the official screenshots.   Honestly, looks quite old-skool... 2003'ish
  2. Rob
    Right ok i found them, yes thay are good. In pic 2 theres gas canisters, if you got an Alien problem and one hit from your Rifal and BOOOM!!... no mor problem.
  3. Sh0dan
    These were discovered back in March by takhen, and we have no clue where they originated. They might be from the game, they might not.  At the time the devs couldn’t comment on them.
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