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E.T.A. – Short Alien Film

I’ve just been informed of a new short animation film called E.T.A. that was released last year. It was directed by Henrik B. Clausen and is presented at It’s a four-minute Alien parody with an amusing twist at the end. This short film has been in the works since 2004 and it premiered at BreakPoint ’08 in Bingen, Germany where it won first prize in the animation competition.

I think you’ll all agree. The animation is absolutely outstanding. You can find a HD download on the Junkworks website. Thanks to sak1na for the news.

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  1. Hmmm...
    What a waste of great animation. You kids will eat up anything as long as theres an alien in it. I would have liked to have been around when this idea was pitched: "... but the alien brings him COFFEE!"...."Thats a wonderful idea, lets invest years of our life into making this!"   ::)  
  2. Griffith
    Old news ..Well, I was THAT guy who noticed this first then I sent the news to Corporal Hicks but he said to me that It wasn't so important to make it on the front page. If I were looking to make it into the forum I could have done that by myself. But well who cares at least this short film it's on main page I guess it deservs it.
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