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Alien Makers Documentary

You may have heard about a new 80-minute Alien documentary that has been put together by special effects technician Dennis Lowe. It has interviews with lots of the behind-the-scenes crew and they talk about their experiences on the film and so forth. Various crew members have been chatting to fans about their experiences over on Alien Experience.

They were supposed to be releasing the DVD ISO files for direct download but that won’t be happening now due to technical reasons apparently. So as a compromise, Dennis Lowe has volunteered to make people their own copy of the Alien Makers documentary on DVD and send it to you free of charge. All you need to do is email Alien Experience at with your full name, complete mailing address, and the DVD format you require (PAL or NTSC). Thanks to SiL for the news.

Update: Requests for a physical DVD are over now. The NTSC ISO is available on Mininova as a torrent, however. Someone will probably make it available on a faster server eventually. You can also download Jon Sorensen’s Alien 5 soundtrack here which was used in the documentary.

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