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Minor Predators Details

Following the recent announcement regarding Predators director, Hollywood Reporter posted up an article which contained story details and a new name attached to the script:

“Alex Litvak & Michael Finch have written the script, which the studio is hoping will revive the alien-hunter franchise in a solo outing for the first time since 1990. The dreadlocked menace, who first appeared in a Central American jungle stalking Arnold Schwarzenegger and friends in 1987, has had two solo features and a pair of matchups with the double-jawed badasses of the “Alien” franchise.”

As well as this Geeks of Doom also brought the fact that Friday the 13th director Marcus Nispel was also in the running. Thanks to Space Disc Jockey for the news.

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  1. Spidey3121
    Like the Terminator movies... those kill me with all their 'references' to the the first film. I thought the second AVP was worse though in terms of bad references/all around bad dialogue.
    I agree with Hicks_0998 with the bad references 100%.  I can't stand when they use dialogue from past films.  Yes we already know they are one ugly motha F er. Tell us something we don't know.  I'm directing that towards the first AVP film.  Don't give us a film with rehashed dialogue.  Give us something fresh.  Create a film that will make new memories for us, not destroy what good ones we have left.
  3. Hicks_0998
    @Trekman: the only reason we care about who's directing Predators is the fact that we all know whats gone before and we have the expectation that this can either make or break the franchise for good.  The 2 AvP movies obviously broke the franchise because they were absolute crap: little to no story, lack of character development, and references that would make even the most die hard fan cringe.  Back in '87 McTiernan, J and J Thompson had no shoes to fill and could do whatever story they wanted.
  4. Trekman
    Does it matter that you don't know any of those people? I mean, director John McTierman and writers Jim & John Thomas were unknowns back in 1987. Hell, the Thomas brothers are still unknown!
  5. RakaiThwei
    This isn't really telling us anything new. If anything, this just is a rehash of the same old stuff-- no real updates or anything just the very fact they're doing a new Predator movie.
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