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Nimrod Antal Directing Predators

Ain’t It Cool News has just announced that Nimrod Antal has been confirmed as being in the director’s chair for the upcoming Predators:

“I can’t go too much into the story right now, because we’re still writing. But it still involves a very intense group of people stranded on a Predator planet discovering unspeakable horrors (that are not always from outside their group). So like the original movie, the title does have a double meaning. Aliens was a different take on the Alien idea, and an original movie in it’s own right, and that’s what we want to do with this. “

The article contains a Q/A with producer Rodriguez which gives out some rather nice info. Thanks to the forum posters for the link.

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  1. PyroAcid
    you know most of you netnerds that whine and bitch they lissin to right? thats why these flims suck! all you can do is whine mone and bitch. and many are just to easly entertained and no this is not a democracy. its a republic." legines to the republic to the united sattes "
  2. Hicks_0998
    Trying to create something new and pleasing the fans is a hard job.  Jim Cameron pulled it off because he was a visionary in his own right; the brothers Strauss failed because they had no clear vision.  It's a double edged sword and if you don't know your target audience or your craft, you may as well just give up and save yourself the embarrassment and shame of the failure *looks at the Strauss's*
  3. RakaiThwei
    Slaine--   "Another lone pred on earth would be boring as shit."  What makes you say that? Who said it had to take place on Earth instead of some other alien planet which is NOT the Predator homeworld?   Like say... for example, LV-InsertRandomNumberHere or Fury-161?   A Predator movie doesn't have to take place on Earth or the homeworld.
  4. Slaine
    Another lone pred on earth would be boring as shit. it would just be...fight after fight...its difficult to make a good storyline out of a franchise with a main character with no voice, a motive to simply kill, and in the dreary 20th centuary background. If they did a pred on earth script, it would turn out SHIT, and you would all be screaming for a pred-planet.  There isnt even really that much mystery behind preds anyway, go into comics and such...even with only films and no canon, preds were never meant to be 'mysterious'...they were meant to be brutal and badass killers. Going with a pred planet, or at least a group of preds offers something new.   And gawds sake, if they make 1000 new pred films and every one is shit, it dosnt mean the originals cant be loved and remembered anyway.
    damn this one new predator movie is one BIG ASS MISTAKE BY FOX. i like to find the asshole or assholes who are writing this worthless piece of shit. i want only one predator here on earth to hunt. FOX ARE NOTHING BUT ASSHOLES!!!
  6. Starkiller
    Out of the choice of director's, Marshall would have been the best and as for the script and the predator homeworld setting/plot this movie is obviously going to be terrible.   FOX has once again screwed the fans! however the only way they are going to learn is if us fans don't watch this film in cinema's and therefore the movie won't make the money and stop anymore pathetic sequels/ spin offs/ crossovers.   Im not impressed with Nimrod, Rodriguez or the script and im sure the budget will be rubbish aswell.
  7. RakaiThwei
    Here is why some people, like myself, are opposed to the Predator planet-- it takes away the enigmatic mystery of the Predator race. Not only that, the Predator homeworld is said to be too far off from humans to reach, not to mention Predators are NOMADIC in nature.   Not to mention, we have seen the Predator homeworld in AvP-R, but mind you a brief glimpse and that was all that was really needed. Granted, what we saw was just one biosphere of the planet, but hey... we saw the homeworld.   Not only that, how DID humans find the Predator homeworld, of course that would have to be further explained.   The only way I see PREDATORS working is if they somehow did it like ALIEN, only with a group of colonist mistaking the planet for being abandoned and being hunted-- and NOT being traded for technology or forced to compete in a gladiatoral arena.
  8. pgp023
    I say chuck the predators movie and alien 5 movie and focus on a Alien versus Predator movie that takes off of alien 4 and predator 2 movies that made the franchise popular and merge the two worlds into one.  Dont rewrite crappy movies for a quick buck stuffed with action based computer animations.  A movie that is too computer animation based looks too fake or cpu cartoonish.  Ever since they rushed the new aliens versus predator movies they have been crap.  So I say redeem the franchise with a avp movie that can stand up in quality to the originals or even succeed them.  If it takes 10 years to make because of the economy or their are no actors to perfect the roles currently, then so be it.
  9. Slaine
    Im going to laugh my socks off if this turns out to be a good movie. which it could do. i dont know whats so bad about a predator planet, it depends how they do it really....i can imagine it being rather interesting.
  10. Mills
    As long as this is a sequel, then I'm happy. I just hope Fox doesn't unnecessarily call this a "reimagining" or some crap, when it clearly works as a sequel story.
  11. lunchboxx
    oh hell no! a predator planet?? are you kidding me??  fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!  why cant they make one thats NOT on a predator planet, but set in the same setting at the AVP games? make it with preds and colonial marines damn it.
  12. Andy
    Its official the movie will suck.  The reason 1 and 2 were good was because of the mystery of the Predator, they barely put him on film for the first half of the film. Now that it takes place on the Predator home-world, thrusting you right into these creatures home world, takes the lore and myth out of it all.  Alien 2 wasnt on the Aliens "home-planet" Thats why it was still good, they were investigating an human ship infested/taken over by Aliens.  My hope is gone, I'll just expect crap like the AVP's. See ya.  Your not getting my cash to see this in theatres.
  13. RakaiThwei
    Pvt Hicks--  "He wasn't the only one to say it was bad, my amigo. Many held that opinion. You have to be dense to really think they're gonna use that same exact script without some tweaking going on."   So we agree on something... Many held the opinion that the script was crap. However, I expected script chances but what I had hoped for was an entire script over haul.   Still, the major elements from his crap script are being used and thats what pisses me off.
  14. pvt. hicks
    He wasn't the only one to say it was bad, my amigo. Many held that opinion. You have to be dense to really think they're gonna use that same exact script without some tweaking going on.
  15. Pvt. Hicks
    That's not mockery, little one. That's confusion.  I'd take a goddamn Predator planet in the future over a contemporary Colorado town for a Sci-Fi channel movie showdown any day of the week.
  16. Slaine
    Why do you all just complain? you cant tell if its going to be a good or a bad movie....just wait and see what comes out, then judge.  Oh and btw, if Cprl.Hicks told you to jump off a cliff, would you? No one knows if a script will work or not...if you read the A:R script, it does seems quite badass....
  17. RakaiThwei
    Pvt Hicks-- This is a democracy, isn't it? Or do I have to conform to YOUR opinion?   I enjoyed AvP and AvP-R for my own personal reasons, being that they took concepts from the novels and comics which I happened to enjoyed and grew up with, and Predator and Aliens kicking ass.   You have your reasons for hating the AvP films, but you don't see me MOCKING you for that. So, please, don't mock me.
  18. RakaiThwei
    Pvt. Hicks-- Enough. Honestly, I've had enough flak about my opinion about the AvP movies.   We all KNEW that the script to PREDATORS was shit. Even Corporal Hicks acknowledged it in the article he had posted. And to me it sounds like that there was little to no script overhaul, that there are sticking to Rodriguez's idea and are going with it. We knew that the original script was SHIT.   ....Whats shocking is that people actually like it.   Thats what's so absurd about it to me.
  19. JRZNIN
    I always got excited like a little school girl when i hear about a new movie with aliens or predators.  I hope I don't cry like a school girl after seeing it.  This time, my hopes are the lowest they have ever been.  I mean low.  So if we all know its going to be a large shit burger, we will all know that we will have a bad taste in out mouths after watching it.  I wish i could even say I hope it will be good.  But i can't, I'll just wait and see if I was right or wrong.  Please make me wrong.
  20. JMPredator
    Im happy that we are going to get a futuristic predator movie. always wanted to see predators in space/other worldly setting.  my concern is that the release date is under ayear away. that does not leave much time for effects (lets face it, its going o be like 300's cgi backgrounds). i would like some name actors involved as well.
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