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New AvP Community Sites

There’s a few new Alien / Predator websites that have popped up recently. First we have which is dedicated to the upcoming AvP game. Then we have Aliens Colonial which offers news and a forum for the upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines game.

20090630 New AvP Community Sites

Next up, there’s AvP Spectrum which is a general AvP website offering regular news updates, a gallery, a forum and much more. Lastly, there’s a new German website called AvPWorld which is almost complete.

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  1. Chris P
    Thanks Hicks. It tooka while to get the images to align properly. I will fix the spelling issue, thanks.  TO everyone else, we are currently now on, no longer, so we now own a real domain. Also, we have switched hosts so now I am getting the databases transferred so all my old members can pick up where they left off.    ;)  
  2. Corporal Hicks
    Yeah, I used to run an AvPWorld way back when I first joined the community. Shipley who runs PlanetAvP originally used to run another AvPWorld years before I ever became active. Gotta say Chris, I do like the new site look. It's really good.  Although you did spell prequel one in your forum. It's prequel, not prequal.
  3. Chris P
    Thanks guys, I can gurantee it will not be anything like Galaxy, Experience, Abdsolute AVP, or AVP Freaks. It is totally original I am about half way done the basic layout, and then I will incorperate it among the rest of my pages, including gallery and forum. TO anyone who isn't a regular at Spectrum it will be HUGE! Hell, even my members will be shocked. I can't wait to share it!    ;)  
  4. Chris P
    Yeah, actually I just started this morning and have been working for the better part of the day. I tell ya, I am changing SO MUCH around. We should have it all done....(HOPEFULLY) by friday's end. I know a few sites that will post a news block when I announce it, ALien Experience being one of them, Darkness mentioned another one in a few weeks, so you are bound to hear about it. I can promise one thing, you won't be disapointed.    ;)  
  5. Chris P
    Well, AVp Spectrum will be undergoing a design change this week, for all of you who think we are similar to Galaxy. I am revamping the site with a totally new design, one that hasn't been done before. You can count on that.    ;)   You will want to take a look in about a day or so.
  6. Chris P
    Thanks muchly darkness, I appreciate the news post.  For everyone else, I am the admin of AVP Spectrum. I don't find it to relate to this site in any way! If it's the news column, that is understandable and I am working with it right now. Although, it's hard to ceom up with an original design these days, sinse so many web tamplates are similar. Mine is actually very original in terms of content and layout throughout the other pages aside form the front page. It's just that the 3 column layout makes it easier to view and less scrolling.  @Johnny, thanks! I worked hard on that banner and recently I updated it with a darker contrsast.  TO ALL: I will work on the design scheme guys, but if you search other VAP sites especially they all tend to follow the 3column layout.    ;)    Thanks again Darkness.
  7. DragonBossk
    I know a lot of sites follow similar templates, but AVP Spectrum looks like almost a clone of this site, minus a lot of the content. Its always great to see the avp community expanding though.
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