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AvP3 Q&A With Rebellion

We’ll soon be doing a Q&A with Rebellion about the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator game. We’re giving the community the chance to submit their own questions. You’re free to ask whatever you want but bear in mind, Rebellion are still working on the game so some aspects can’t be answered right now. The cut off for this is Thursday and we’ll pick about 15 questions and submit them to Rebellion. Please use this thread on the forum to post your questions.

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  1. Predboy
    Here's a question  Will they be changing the jumping for the predator?  Honestly, I hate how you have to aim everywhere you have to jump. A lot of my friends say the same.
  2. bog113
    Will there be upgradable weapons or at least something customizable in this game? For a 2010 Avp game doesn't look complex enough.I hope i'm wrong and they'll do it right!!!
  3. Hybrid Predator
    Will there be survivor mode or alien lifecycle?                                                           Is alien queen playable?
  4. James
    I also want to know what the health system looks like between the three species.  An example that I would like to see would be: Alien Runner = 2 bars of health Human = 3 bars of health Drone = 4 bars of health Predator = 5 bars of heath Predalien = 7 bars of health Queen = 15 bars of health
  5. James
    Will the marines be able to drive vehicles (tank, jeep)?  Will you be able to play as a synthetic android?  Will there be exo suit?  What weapons will the marines have?  Will there be two types of human spices to play as (marines and corporate) like in avp2?  What weapons does the predator have?  Will there be a light and heavy predator class that has more and less health like avp2?  Will plasma caster (shoulder gun) fallow opponents like a heat seeking missile (in avp2) or just lock on to an opponent and not move once it has been fired (like in all the movies).
  6. James
    Will there be "acid spit" for the aliens?  Can an Alien break though walls and steel doors to get to "camping" players?  How long will the alien’s tail be for striking purposes (close range or medium range) because in some of the movies the alien tails can be extremely long.  Will the alien tail be a damaging weapon that can kill or a poisonous weapon like in avp2?  Will you be able to play as queen or become queen after certain amount of kills or no queen at all?  Will there be alien life cycle?  How damaging is the alien blood?  Will predalien be able to impregnate humans or any other species?
  7. LeoTpred
    I have a good question..  Where their be a demo out for this game before release?  What other type of weapons are they holding for the predators?  What special abilities and weaknesses do each species have?
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