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Nimrod Antal Top Contender for Predators

We know there are 7 potential directors for Predators. Marshall, Bassett and potentially Bill Duke are known contenders so far. Well thanks to Latino Review another name has surfaced, Nimród Antal:

“LatinoReview has exclusively learned that director Nimród Antal, not only is he one of the seven names, but is also the top contender and the guy most likely to get the gig. Who? I said the same damn thing. Then found out he directed Sony’s ARMORED and VACANCY.”

Expect Aint It Cool News to get confirmation of this. I haven’t seen any of his films and he doesn’t have many to his name. Keep tuned. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Deco
    Please dont make this movie.... The script was dreadful. I know they are rewriting it but anytime they say they are rewriting anything its because they know its trash, and usually it ends up even worse.
  2. JMPredator
    just watched vaccancy, it was ok. reminded me a little of the strangers which is a far superior film.  still, i dont think marshal would be right for predator. we need a director thats capable of delivering both action and suspense. doomsday is what happand when marshell attempted both with a big budget. i loved the descent and dog soldiers tho.
    anal nimrod , thats funny as hell.  good one Shrek.   I'd take any actor that wants to direct that was in either of the predator films.  I'm 100% for Gary Busey directing it. Bill Duke would do though.  I'm gonna have me some fun!
  4. Fury
    I dont want to direct him this movie. His just an hungarian noob director. Vacancy was a shit! His other movies were shit as well. Find some1 else!
  5. TheBatman
    He made an incredible film called Kontroll, based upon a group of ticket inspectors in the Budapest underground. It doesn't sound worth watching i agree, but trust me, it was fantastic. He paid so much attention to detail with the characters, and there was a horror element involved with a serial killer who was pushing people infront of trains. The way he directed these scenes made this character really ahunting, almost supernatural.
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