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Michael J. Bassett For Predators?

Another potential director for the new Predator reboot is Michael J. Bassett who directed Deathwatch, Wilderness and the upcoming Solomon Kane. The rumour can be found on Quiet Earth who noticed Michael J. Bassett’s Blog. The director details his recent trip to L.A. to discuss a project with a producer but doesn’t name any names.

Another interesting point I found on his blog is that he says Bill Duke (AKA Mac from Predator) was sitting a few seats away from him. Presumably, Bill Duke is another candidate for the director’s position? Check out the profiles for Michael J. Bassett and Bill Duke on IMDB for a full list of their credits. Thanks to Ja for the news.

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  1. Zillamaster202
      ::)  Roland Emerick doesn't make crappy movies. i just think he would be a good canadate for the movie, but too bad i guess. FOX chose that other guy already (which, i don't know any movies he directs because i've never heard of him before).   ???     :-\  
  2. Dudekebm
    Roland Emmerich? Maker of crappy films which would normally be a B-grade movie save for the huge budget for special effects? If it's going to be a dark action flick, I'd go with Guillermo Del Toro myself, based on his work with the Hellboy movies and Blade II. Of course, he's kind of busy with the Hobbit. I'd personally pick David Goyer for a writer on this project given his success in adaptations of comics. David Twohy's another possibility as far as writing/directing.
  3. Zillamaster202
    I think that Roland Emerick should do it. He has directed GREAT movies before (Godzilla 1998, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, etc...). Fox should think about putting him on the list. What do u guys think?
  4. predator rocks
    I personally think Bassett WILL BECOME be a better director than Marshall remember he's only made 3 films, but Solomon Kane is looking very very promising!  Neil may be the better choice as he has less on his plate, bassett will be working on the Kane sequels (and I want them to be good!). I would love to see Bassett direct Conan (him being a Robert E. Howard fan like me   ;D   ). If I had to take a bullit for one of the directors it would be Bassett. So adding everthing up I would love to see bassett do it, but other projects may be effected.   Now I have that of my chest i'm lost   ::)  
  5. lick my knees
    Neil marshall should really do it, from the directors we have of choice...Doomsday wasnt bad directing, it was a terrible script....
  6. aliensun
    all trilogys can be finished  pre alien, alien, aliens  alien3, alien r, ?alien?  predator, predator2, predators  avp, avp r, ?avp?  it could be done, but should it?  pre alien sifi horror from someone aproved by ridley scott sounds good  predators action sifi from troublemaker studios sounds ummm ok?  alien ripley sifi thriller with sigourney weaver could be good?  avp3 sifi adenture starring the most badass predator the galaxy have ever seen?  a predator stripped of his weapons and exilled to a planet most kill all the aliens on it to get home  to stop her madness ripley8 must find the alien homeworld but will it help her mind
  7. Gameoverman
    Neil Marshal has my vote.  If The Descent was his most recent film then certainly his talent has evolved for the better.  The Descent was gritty hard edged horror.  I think Neil could bring this element to the next film.  I think he could bring some originality.
  8. Mick
    Neil Marshall has talent and great potential, his two movies The Decent and Dog Soldiers are well made and entertaining low budget movies and seem to be heavily influenced by Predator and Aliens. Out of the directors named so far he has my vote.
  9. AlienTailWhip
    U know wut fox better not even go there.. they better stick to marshall, at least we know it would be directed decently. Why do they even bother to tell us if there not sure. Sometimes they let false info out on purpose
  10. Vertigo
    I'll put myself out there and say John McTiernan doesn't have it anymore. Rollerball was terrible, and he hasn't made a really good film in *two decades*; fourteen if you count Die Hard With A Vengeance.  Neil Marshall is a great choice; unless they pull an ace out of their sleave (Christopher Nolan and James Cameron are the only ones springing to mind - there are so few good action directors left in Hollywood) they'd be best served to stick with him. Dog Soldiers is the only one of his films I've seen, but it's the *perfect* showcase for a Predator or even Alien film director.
    Who would u have direct it pvt hicks? Marshall has done a great job with Dog soldiers and The Decent on a very low budget. I say give him a chance with more money behind him and we could be up for a winner.
  12. pvt. hicks
    so we have gore-fanatic neil marshall, king of obscure low-budget direct-to-dvd michael bassett, and mac himself? can we please see some higher profile names?  hopefully that "guy whos probably gonna get the job" gets it.
  13. theman
    Mctiernan wont be the same guy he was in the 80s you know? Look at his most recent stuff.Far from breathtaking i could say.You people are being just way to nostalgic and emotional about it.If someone had it like 20 years ago it doesn't mean he still does.
    How about John Mcternan again, he did such a good job with the first movie.Neil Marshall still gets my vote hes a great director, and would be good in a project like this.
    How about John Mcternan again, he did such a good job with the first movie.Neil Marshall still gets my vote hes a great director, and would be good in a project like this.
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