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Gearbox Confirms ACM Still Coming

Kotaku recently spoke to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford who confirms Aliens Colonial Marines is still on for a mid-2010 release. He also says the Aliens CM game for the DS is real but it’s not being developed by Gearbox.

“Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox’s Aliens shooter, is still very much on, but won’t be arriving this year. When it does hit, there will be a DS version as well though, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford tells Kotaku…

And the rumored DS version of Aliens: Colonial Marines? It’s real but not being worked on by Gearbox, Pitchford says. It sounds like WayForward Technologies are indeed working on what they have called their spiritual follow-up to Contra 4.”

Thanks to Peteysodes for the news.

Update: Sega confirms via Gamespot what Gearbox have said. ACM is still to be released at some point next year. IGN have also confirmed that the Aliens RPG is still scheduled to come out too.

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Comments: 40
  1. Mr. Domino
    Well, due to the dubious quality of most Alien games that have ever seen release, I'm actually probably most looking forward to the DS CM game, because it looks to be so gloriously campy. I mean, come on? Contra with real Aliens? That's the worst idea anyone's ever had! And yet at the same time it sounds like loads of fun...
  2. alpha defekt
    I'm gonna buy both AvP and CM, then put them into a bathtub with say....pudding? Yeah that works. I will then clean my body with the "sweetness" all of it contents will give. mmmmmmm.  I can't wait, I just want my Aliens and my AvP games served in amazing glorious portions. I'm gonna be hearing a lot of blipping from motion trackers come 2010!   ;D  
  3. Nukiemorph
    I'm SO glad it's still on.  I'm looking forward to this more than AVP3...  I'm really glad they're making separate movies again too.  I want more classic Alien games and films...  I'm tired of Aliens being synonymous with the Predator franchise...
  4. Spoon
    I have to admit im looking forward to this game more then avp only because i prefer more suspenseful games.  Im sick of these fast paced action games.   They should really turn this game into a realistic shooter.
  5. skull-splitter
    I for one am glad. I really am. I'm as much a Predator Fan as I am Aliens Fan, but the really true-to-source approach of Gearbox was the raw defining appeal of this game over AvP.  I'm glad AvP is coming, and growing to like it, but I really hope A: CM delivers a more thrilling ride overall.
  6. Neon_Knight
    Hang on, is the game coming out in mid-2009, or not?  At the beginning it says "mid-2009 release" but the quote says "it won't be coming out this year".  I'm sure you mean mid-2010 release.
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