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Aliens/Predator Comics Update

In the slew of AvP3, Predators and prequel news I opted to let the comic news fall by the wayside until it calmed down. So onto the news:

20090613 Aliens/Predator Comics Update

The first issue of Dark Horse’s new Alien series has been released. We’ll have our review up shortly. Cover art for Aliens #3 and Predator #2 has been released. As well as that the preview for Predator #1 is also online. Be sure to keep an eye on our literature forum for more updates.

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  1. MCL4L
    That elder predator would smash that alien royal guard or not. Ive never seen predator armor like that b4. Differ tribes have different armor and weapons depending on the class..The pred takes the whole fuc*in bakery..
  2. Xenomorphine
    Yeah, it's probably one of those crappy praetorian things in 'Earth War' They didn't actually do much an ordinary Alien couldn't, it's just that they had huge tusks and, I think, they could force open an APC, but that was it. They were anti-climactic, really!
  3. WuteverUWant
    That Pred #1 is that an elder, cuz like im confused i know everything alien and pred bla bla bla but wolf he was a cleaner rite he was pretty old so was he an elder? Not that b.s elder of avp 1 but his armor is bad ass wouldnt mind seeing it in the upcoming predators movie.
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