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New Script for Predators

I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent rumors about Arnie returning for Predators. And you should have all seen AICN’s debunking of the rumor. However there is another gem contained in that report:

“Actually, what probably happened is someone conjured that up because of my 1994 draft, that had Dutch as a main character. And then it probably just built from there. But no, we’re still writing a new script, and although I know Arnold personally and he’s the coolest person on the planet, I have not contacted him about this at all at this time.”

This comes as a relief as the previous draft is far from perfect. Really really far. So let’s see what Alex Litvak can do with the idea. You can check out our article on Rodriguez’s ‘Predators’ Script for information on the first draft.

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  1. alpha defekt
    Thank whatever Jesus Predator died for their sins... The last script made me swallow a knife to cover come the pain from reading it. If they do a new script let's hope they don't use the original as source material.
  2. Wow
    ok im confused but too make sure there remaking predator 1??? the best fking movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 there not gonna make a part 3??? just a reboot if they do then thts very dumb.Why not make a reboot of alien as well??? cus its a classic.Keep the classics as the same.And lets c predators home planet? plz :D
  3. gutten-tag
      8)   Fox really needs to work with the conception of Alien-5.    No more AvP junk, the last one was very unpleasing for most of use, and i speak for every one here that would attemp an agression on fox, for only putting out in theaters that has a high selling rate.
  4. dallas121
    Revising Pred script sounds good! It will be good if someone finally take care to this movie.  This franchise need definitly a good script and storyline! I hope it will occurs. Many many hopes. Thanks for the clarification
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